Yahoo Axis, when Browser & Search Engine Registration

Yahoo introduced a new product called Yahoo Axis. This service is a combination of search engines with a browser.

Certainty is obtained after a number of media crews in Uncle Sam’s inaugural event received an invitation Yahoo Axis. From the email was revealed, Yahoo claims this service as a new virtual world explorer tool.

Excerpted from The Next Web, Thursday (24/05/2012), there are at least three excellent features offered by Yahoo Axis. That is fast, smart design with a rich, connected experience and personal Home Page. Continue reading “Yahoo Axis, when Browser & Search Engine Registration”

Facebook Realize High Resolution Pictures & Full Screen

Facebook Full Screen
Facebook Full Screen

Enjoy high resolution photos and the look of the field? This is what can now be enjoyed by hundreds of millions of users of the site mahsyur nicknamed Facebook.

Competition in the virtual domain of social sites is getting tougher by the presence of new players like Google + and Pinterest.

Well, it seemed to confirm the presence of services that Facebook did not want to lose to other players who had already been presenting high resolution photo display and full-screen viewer.

Penggunapun benefit from an uploaded photo will look sharper. This was possible because the site was made ​​by Mark Zuckerberg has improved the quality of the photos at maximum resolution possible.

Then uploaded images can also be enjoyed in full screen. Users just click the arrow at the top right corner of the photo so that the feature works.

Facebook said, not all browsers support this feature, because it will only work on the latest version of Firefox or Chrome. Reported by PCWorld, Friday (03/23/2012), for the highest resolution adopted at the photos, up to a maximum limit of 2048 x 2048 pixels.

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Firefox 7 Promised Over ‘Light’

Firefox 7
Firefox 7

Mozilla started distributing the latest Firefox update, Firefox 7. Promise, this version is lighter in terms of memory consumption. As quoted from the official Mozilla blog on Wednesday (28/09/2011), Mozilla promises some improvements to the newest version of the popular browser Firefox.

One of them is done through a project called MemShrink that is believed to reduce Firefox memory consumption of 20 to 50 percent. If true, this would speed up the browser’s performance and reduce the possibility of crashes.

Besides the memory consumption problem, version 7 is promised to be faster when it starts (startup time). Peningkatnya called quite significantly, from 8 seconds to go down to 5 seconds. Of course depends on the system used a user.

Other things that were promised, including support for HTML5 content. Including, support for using aid acceleration from the graphics card when running on the HTML5 Canvas.

Then, there is support for navigation timing specification from the W3C. This allows developers to measure the loading time of websites on the usage scenario is different.

While from the side view, one of the highlights is the removal of “http://” at the time of displaying the web address. It previously had done the Google Chrome.

Ubuntu Netbook Edition

Ubuntu Netbook Edition
Ubuntu netbook Edition

Ubuntu Netbook Edition sudah lama sebenarnya di luncurkan, cuma penulis baru beberapa minggu kemaren menginstall ke dalam netbook. Ubuntu Remix namanya, tampilannya simple dan ringan. Karena memang di desain untuk keperluan netbook, ubuntu netbook edition ini memang sangat cocok banget buat netbook, salah satunya untuk keperluan ber-internet.

Secara default, browser yang terpasang adalah FireFox, cuma karena penulis kurang terlalu suka dengan browser ini, karena notabene sudah terlalu lambat, maka penulis langsung ganti dengan Google Chrome sebagai default browser tanpa menghilangkan firefox. Kurang tau kenapa firefox ini semakin lama semakin lambat, apa mungkin karena terlalu banyak tambalan di masalah sekuritas,  sehingga menjadikannya lemot, penulis juga tidak tahu.

Yang jelas, Ubuntu netbook Edition memang sangat bagus, ringan dan cepat, tidak ada salahnya buat anda yang sudah memegang netbook untuk segera menginstall Ubuntu Netbook Edition, Di jamin Puas.