Egyptian Revolutionary Hero Want to Go to Google

googleAfter Hosni Mubarak actually resigned his position as president of Egypt, the Google executive who is an activist of the opposition, Wael Ghonim, plans to re-focus on his work. When asked by CBS in an interview, whether he would get the positions in the new Egyptian government, Ghonim explicitly says that he does not want a political office in his country.

“Absolutely not. I want to return to normal life. I’m done playing my role. Let me say to my friends in Egypt, I do not want anything from this action. I just want to run and say I am proud to be a citizen Egypt, “he said. In addition, Ghonim also said that his activities in Egypt had nothing to do with the company where he worked. “So far they (Google – red) do not know anything. When I returned to Cairo, they did not know I took part in protest action,” said Ghonim. Continue reading “Egyptian Revolutionary Hero Want to Go to Google”