180 PBI Members Password Has been Stolen

Password owned by its member organizations become partners FBI United States (U.S.) stolen hackers. Worse, the password was also leaked on the internet.

Known there are about 180 employee’s password acyl InfraGard is stolen. InfraGrad is a partner of the U.S. intelligence agencies whose function FBI to share information about the existence of physical threats against the United States as well as infrastructure.

“Someone attacked our website. At present we do not know how the attack could occur or the methods used to reveal the password,” said the Atlanta InfraGard Members Alliance President, Paul Farley, quoted from Fox News on Monday (06/06/2011).

Not only compromised, the password hacker then posted on the internet with the name Lulz Security. They also expressed appreciation for a series of cyber attacks that occurred in recent weeks.

GoDaddy boss blame for the killing Elephants


Some animal activists cast their criticism of GoDaddy.com CEO Bob Parsons, who posted a personal video contains scenes of the killing of elephants. As reported by the Fox News site, the scene was Parsons who was on holiday in Zimbabwe, Africa, African elephant hunting, and shot dead animal look more extinct it is.
In the video footage, Parsons also tried to legitimize their actions by saying elephant poaching done because elephants destroy fields owned by farmers. “When the elephants are not stopped, the entire field may be damaged, and will lead to starvation among farmers,” said his personal video caption it.
In his personal blog too, Parsons also defensively. Parsons said, he did hunt in any area that can not be permitted to make the elephant became extinct.
However, on Twitter, Parson got a lot of criticism. They assume that what Parsons did not will help the villagers in Zimbabwe. Even some of them threatened to cease to be a partner GoDaddy.

Website Feel Impact From Google Modification

Google Modification
Google Modification

Google decided to make significant changes in its search algorithms, with lower-quality website ranking is low, such that only contain little content and instead directs users to a full page ad. These modifications have seen quite a dramatic impact in the realm of online search. Once observed, some websites that previously ranked high in searches with certain keywords, have plummeted in the results list. While some social networking sites, news sites and retail sites rose rank.

Some sites even protest because of his rank reduced, but they feel good quality. This example experienced by WiseGeeks.com site, which used to hire writers to produce quality content. Therefore, they want to ask Google how to get up again rank. Study of the research ranking Sistrix online search, found several websites has increased due to modification of Google’s rankings. For example networking site LinkedIn.com and Facebook.com. News sites like Fox News and the New York Daily News also experienced surges.