Wow! Origin Swiss Armed smartwatch 41 MP Camera

Smart watches equipped with the following specs ciamik. Created by a Swiss company, the device is ready to enliven the market smartwatch that already contains some big names.

Named Hyetis Crossbow, this watch is equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, and display with touch screen technology. Well, from camera sector unsparing, smartwatch is equipped with up to 41 MP resolution camera.

The camera carries Zeiss lens and integrated flash. There is also the noise reduction microphone so users can record audio when recording video.

Hyetis Crossbow is available in a limited ie 500 units and these tools can not be obtained at a low price. Quoted from Geeky-Gadgets, Wednesday (14/08/2013), the device is priced at about $ 1,200 or about USD 12 million.

Pembesutnya, Hyetis say after 500 units of product sold, they hope to create a new smartwatch that can be customized. These watches are designed to be connected with any Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.

HTC One Tough, But Hard Fixed

One pretty much praised HTC related designs are beautiful and made ​​of premium metal. But on the other hand, this handset is considered to be very difficult to repair if damaged.

Conclusions are presented by iFixit, a company engaged in the repair gadgets. As quoted from the Tech Radar, Monday (01/04/2013), they had to disassemble the body and components HTC One.

“It takes up to half an hour to separate the aluminum rear casing with mobile components,” iFixit said, adding that it is almost impossible to open without damaging the casing HTC One tow.

HTC Battery One also put in a position, under the motherboard so it is difficult to be replaced. Most important components including the motherboard also covered with copper.

iFixit is praising HTC One has a solid and resilient material. But once it gets damaged components, it seems difficult to open and fix it.

HTC One could only achieve a score of 1 out of 10 for ease perbaikian iFixit version. “This is the first time a mobile phone (only) received a score of 1 out of 10,” said iFixit.

Digital Detox Cure ‘Poisoning’ Technology

Outbreaks of game addiction, Internet and other technologies smelling, inspired the establishment of the Digital Detox in California, United States (U.S.). Sort of rehab, Digital Detox accommodate those who ‘poisoned’ technology.

Digital Detox is a summer camp for their release from acute technological dependence. Those who have severe stage, really can not be separated from the gadgets, games, social networking and other things related to technology.

By paying about $ 305, participants were asked willing to ‘swap’ gadgets, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or console them with friends in the camp that occur based connections in real life. Here, they will have many positive activities that are not in contact with the digital.

According to The Guardian, Monday (01/04/2013), summer camp is not the first program that made ​​Digital Detox. Previously, Digital Detox also held a variety of activities aimed at curing digital addiction.

The U.S. is also not the only country that has this kind of organization. In China, there are many rehabilitation places for game addicts, internet and gadgets. However, some organizations use violent means. This makes the government issued orders ban violent means in rehabilitation.

Attacks on Twitter Can Make Gadgets ‘Coma’

Trend Micro threat affecting sniff the Twitter users in Japan. This attack is called the ‘browser Crasher’ and can cause the browser in the gadget users ‘comma’ alias hangs / crashes.

The way it works, users are invited to visit certain sites with JavaScript code and during which the user can not browse the site to be accessed normally

The attack was carried out by the user is lured to a variety of messages via Twitter. The message dikicaukan vary, some say the site is attractive, while others explicitly warns users not to click on the site.

“However the problem, once users visit / see the site, they will find the emergence of a variety of JavaScript in the browser as seen on the iPhone (gambar-red.),” said Trend Micro, in a statement on Wednesday (27/03/2013 ).