4 Pillars ahold AMD Graphics Card Market

Various manufacturers rely on their strategy to dominate the market occupies, is no exception AMD rely on four pillars as a crutch to dominate the market, especially the graphics card segment.

The four pillars are Client, Console, Content and Cloud, who was a mainstay AMD to further strengthen its dominance in the segment of the graphics card.

“The four pillars of this is the strengthening of the existence of segmented AMD graphics processors,” said Jenny Susanto, Indonesia Country Manager of AMD, in Ancol, Jakarta.

The first pillar is filled by the client is AMD’s strategy to increasingly gripped in the realm of graphics processors to try to strengthen its collaboration with the graphics card vendors to deliver new graphics card products in accordance with the wishes of the computer users, especially gamers. Continue reading “4 Pillars ahold AMD Graphics Card Market”

Developers Asked to Make Game for the Mac

Apple Games
Apple Games

Apple’s decision to use the GeForce 9400M and GeForce 9600M GT to the next line of MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, received a positive response. As a “thank you” for the trust given, Nvidia developer asks a number of their closest partners to develop games that can run on the Mac platform or operating system Mac OS.

Previously, as is known, Nvidia graphics chip for notebooks experiencing some problems. In fact it also occurs on the products of Apple MacBook Pro. But Apple’s decision to use chips made by Nvidia’s latest mobile graphics this time could be a sign that the current problems facing artificial Nvidia graphics chips have been overcome.

As quoted site Bit-tech technology, Nvidia’s General Manager for Notebook GPUs Rene Haas, revealed that Nvidia would use the program “The Way It’s Meant To Be Played” them. The goal is to convince game developers to make the game harder for the Mac, and make the Mac version of the game was launched increasingly close to the launch version of its PC games. Continue reading “Developers Asked to Make Game for the Mac”

5 Reasons PlayStation 3 to bulldoze the Xbox 360

Playstation 3

After all these years, the popularity of the PlayStation 3 finally managed to bulldoze the Xbox 360. It is anticipated by the following 5 things.

Based on data from Strategy Analytics, the PS3 currently played 43.4 million users around the world. While the Xbox 360 is thin behind him with 42.9 million. The reports record sales footprint to closing the year 2010 suggests that Xbox 360 sales eroded, even predicted until next year.

Quoted from Planetxbox360, Friday (8/4/2011), there are some things that make the PS3 will be more successful in the future. Like 5 of the following: Continue reading “5 Reasons PlayStation 3 to bulldoze the Xbox 360”

Android Store Risk For BlackBerry Playbook


Some circles welcomed the step Research In Motion (RIM) that allows applications running on BlackBerry Playbook Android. But on the other hand, this strategy actually unfortunate, because it can cause its own risk for the tablet PC.

According to Ovum analyst from research institutes, Tony Cripss, RIM’s decision to offer support for multi-runtime to the Playbook can be understood to maintain competition in the tablet world war.

However, continued Cripss, as quoted, from his statement on Monday (28/03/2011), this would potentially cause a negative thing for the Canadian vendor.

“Giving the developer community with multiple popular platforms – such as Android, Adobe Flash, Airplay and unity game developers, C / C + + developers, and community developers own a BlackBerry smartphone – will certainly help Playbook to gain tremendous exposure in the market applications, “he explained. Continue reading “Android Store Risk For BlackBerry Playbook”