Understanding Linux Operating System

Do you know about linux? or operating system you are using linux operating system? yes, that has been created using the Linux operating system, you are very lucky. if you do not use linux, they may be able to use linux. Just information only, that linux is an operating system that is very strong now. linux is available with a range of distribution. where, each distro has its own advantages.

Linux, to the still strong in many things in compare with the other operating system. That there is merit in the case of a network, network security, graphics, Web and application servers for other applications. For desktop, Linux may still be a little behind with the other operating systems, but is now almost the same with the other operating system.

To find out more about what is linux, what are the advantages linux, what are the benefits that we can be of linux, and applications are applications in linux, maybe you can go directly to the website that I recommend this A General Outline on How to Get Started With Linux , this is very usefull. There have linux history, complete with thorough explanations on the basic foundation linux.