New Google Maps Show 3D Map Format

Google MapsApple is rumored to be rid of Google Maps on the latest operating system IOS 6. Thus, there will be no artificial Google maps on mobile devices like the Apple iPhone and the iPad.Google stifling. To prevent the negative impact of the news, Google also held a media event in San Francisco, yesterday, and show new features Google Maps.

A number of improvements were shown Google at the Google Maps which have been eager to digital mapping. The result, Google Maps shows a 3D view of Google Earth. In addition to the 3D format, Google Maps also remain menampilakan map in the format “street view” that had been used.The mapping is performed by a subsidiary of Google, Google Imagery. The division is doing a number of process automation to produce detailed models of aerial photographs with a slope of 45 degrees.Google was even asked permission to take pictures using the mapping plane. Continue reading “New Google Maps Show 3D Map Format”

5 Android Smartphone Rated Failed

Dell Streak
Dell Streak

Not all smartphones that use the Android operating system has the same capability. This is certainly different from the iPhone, which each year to update its operating system, so the same quality.

There are a number of Android smartphone is a favorite, among others Nexus S 4G (Samsung Nexus S) or Motorola Atrix. However, many smartphones are considered less satisfactory. Whether it’s because a bad performance, bad battery, or a number of features are not important.

As quoted from, here are five Android-based smartphone that is considered disappointing. Continue reading “5 Android Smartphone Rated Failed”

Flying Robots will Replace CCTV

Scout Robot
Scout Robot

CCTV cameras may soon be ancient device with robotic presence on this one. The scientists developed a robotic fly complete with sophisticated intelligence system that can spy on and track criminals.

Users only indicate a location on Google Maps that appear on the touch screen controller on the robot. Furthermore, the robot will fly at a speed of 30 miles per hour to record HD quality video around that location. Videos can also be displayed to the iPhone in real time.

Quoted by the Daily Mail, Monday (05/16/2011), a robot named Scout was able to fly at an altitude of up to 500 feet or approximately 152 meters. Scouts can take pictures in a zoom in from a distance of 300 meters. That is, Scout can perform its mission without having to go near to the object being the eyes on him. Continue reading “Flying Robots will Replace CCTV”

Gmail and Google Maps Threatened ‘Expelled’ China

Google Maps
Google Maps

Google’s defiance of the rules established by Chinese censorship has made ??the search engine they should leave the country years ago Bamboo Curtain. Something similar could happen on Gmail and Maps services in this year.

Until now, the Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of China claimed to have received the submission of documents from Google to keep offering both services.

Though, as said bureau spokesman Kou Jingwei, this is a mandatory rule in China. Meanwhile, a Google spokesman for China, Jessica Powell, declined to comment about the filing of this company.

Reported by Bloomberg and quoted on Wednesday (30/03/2011), analysts assess, if the correct e-mail and mapping services Google expelled from China, then Google will increasingly dim in there. Continue reading “Gmail and Google Maps Threatened ‘Expelled’ China”