Samsung Galaxy Note III-Smartwatch Glide Along?

Perhaps there have been countless many leaks that reveal the presence of the latest generation of Samsung’s phablet. Ranging from design, specification, until zoom has been leaked so crowded conversation.

Previous Galaxy Note III rumored to be released in conjunction with the IFA 2013 event in Berlin, Germany on 6 September next. But the latest leak that revealed the South Korean media said that the launch of the Galaxy Note III expedited 2 days earlier, on 4 September 2013.

Still according to the media, Samsung is also going to announce the launch of another device in the Galaxy Note III. A number of allegations were led to the smartwatch that has been rumored is being worked on Samsung.

Galaxy Note III himself was quoted as saying on Phone Arena, Friday (02/08/2013), will be armed with 800 Snapdragon processor, 13 MP camera, full HD AMOLED screen measuring 5.7 inches, and the latest Android 4.3.

However, these specifications are still tentative because of course also rumored Galaxy Note III will be out in two variants, one of which rely Evolved Exynos processor.

Like the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S rumored stretcher Features Dual Shot

Rumors about the Apple iPhone 5S continues to burst. Upon his arrival is predicted to be delayed until August or September, the brand-new phone this time Apple was rumored to be carrying the dual shot.

Interestingly again, the feature is only provided exclusively by Apple for the iPhone 5S. While older versions of the iPhone will not get the update to be able to feel the feature.

With dual shot, it is possible for the user to take pictures using the front and rear cameras simultaneously. But actually this feature has been first adopted by LG and Samsung on their flagship smartphone, Optimus M Pro and Galaxy S4. Continue reading “Like the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S rumored stretcher Features Dual Shot”

Transcend 64GB sells MicroSDXC

Large-capacity memory card combined with high speed released by Transcend. Is microSDXC 64GB Ultra-High Speed ​​Class 1 (UHS-I) which is intended for owners of smartphones and tablets.

Although intended for owners of smart phones and tablets, the card in question can also be used in other devices that support.

Transcend claims, the product is able to accommodate more than 10,000 pictures with a resolution of 12MP JPEG size 6MB.

For those who spend more time recording a video, the card can hold 1080p HD video up to 16 hours.

Not enough to just offer a large storage space, Transcend also provides data transfer speeds up to 45MB / s. This product is offered at a price of USD 109.

Quoted from Imaging-Resource, Monday (01/04/2013), the card is also bundled RecoveRx software to recover data that was accidentally deleted or lost.

Nvidia GTX 650 Ti Radeon HD 7790 Boost Challenge

Not long after AMD launched its latest graphics processor, the Radeon HD 7790, to fill in mainstream classes, Nvidia did not remain silent and be ready menggeber rival product via GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost.

Naming Boost on the back of the mainstream series leads directly diusungnya clock speed, which of course has got a touch of ‘turbo’ from Nvidia. GTX 650 Ti GPU Boost Boost rumored features.

With these features, the GTX 650 Ti Boost actually has a clock speed of 980 MHz can be dynamically increase the clock speed of 1033 MHz it becomes appropriate. GTX 650 Ti addition Boost has 768 CUDA cores armed, 64 TMU, 24 ROP.

While the sector is supported by the use of GDDR5 memory running on a 192-bit interface that comes with a capacity of 1 GB and 2 GB respectively by Nvidia priced at USD 149 (USD 1.4 million) and USD 169 (USD 1.6 million) . Similarly, as quoted from Techpowerup, Wednesday (27/03/2013).