Chromebook Pixel force Apple changed the MacBook Pro Tagline

The emergence of Google’s Chromebook Pixel allegedly forced Apple to change the product tagline notebooks.

If before Apple put tagline ‘The highest-resolution notebook ever. And the second highest ‘for notebook MacBook Pro 15-inch and 13 Retina inchnya, now the tagline has been replaced, quoted from Mashable, Wednesday (03/28/2013)

Instead Apple is now using a new tagline to describe their products with phrases that seem ‘safe’ ie ‘High performance has never been so well defined’, this phrase can be found on Apple’s official website.

Apparently, the reason behind the change is the birth of Google’s Chromebook notebook that carries Pixels 12.74 inch screen with a pixel display 2.560×1700, where the defeated resolution Retina-owned 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Night Time Images Show Long Distances On Outdoor Security Camera

cctv camThe night time images show up to 50 feet. Many cameras will claim a certain distance or number of feet. I have found that these claims are usually pretty much off. For example, a CCTV camera that claims to show you up to 120 feet may technically show up to 120 feet. However, after a certain distance, the image starts to rapidly deteriorate in quality. Lorex has taken a different approach. Instead of claiming a maximum distance, they actually give a realistic one. So there 50 feet claim is not only accurate, it may even understate their abilities. I LOVE a company that over delivers on their promises!

Even though I have not heard about Lorex before doing this particular research, it seems like a solid business to use. I would imagine that their customer support is also quite good. However, I have not had the opportunity to test this theory.

An anti-glare mode is also provided with this security camera. This allows for high performance, even under direct and bright sunlight. Ultimately, you can likely place this camera almost anywhere and expect it to perform well.

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Newer 3 Series from AMD Radeon for Portable PCs

AMDAMD has just introduced their latest graphics card series which is intended for notebooks. Some of them claimed to have high performance when used for gaming. The third series is among other Radeon HD 7900M, 7800M HD, and HD 7700M1. Everything is made ​​in the fabrication of 28nm and comes with support for DirectX 11.1.

“Three years ago, AMD decided to push the limits of graphics on a notebook computer and since then we have to apply to any new release of our mobile products,” said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager, GPU division, Sunday (04/29/2012). These three graphics cards have different user segments, the HD 7700 series to the emphasis on long battery life, and HD 7900M for gamers who want a powerful notebook. While the HD 7800M series is the mediator between the two. To improve the power efficiency AMD Radeon HD 7000m series has also been equipped with AMD power gating technology that turns off one core GPU when not in use.

Then immersed Zero Core AMD technology is also moving the GPU dropped to nearly zero watts effectively when AMD Radeon HD GPU 7000m series switched to inactive mode.