Nokia 41 MP Probably Able to Record Video 4K

Nokia 808 Pureview
Nokia 808 Pureview

41 MP resolution carried by the Nokia 808 PureView still hotly discussed. Now the conversation is getting crowded with the ‘prophecy’ which is raised by a technology blogger named James Burland.┬áSaid to him that the 41 MP sensor, it was likely this device will be capable of capturing video in 4K resolution (4096 x 1714 pixels in the ratio 2.39:1). ‘Might be possible’ so lontarnya as reported by Engadget, Saturday (03/14/2012).

Even so, Burland while recognizing that there are many issues that must be corrected before the super high resolution achieved by the handset 808.

If it turns out to be proven, then it will certainly be good news for the professional video enthusiasts. Yes, because with 4K resolution, he was able to create a video with the quality of ‘Hollywood’.

Such resolution has so far only able to produce high-end video cameras. Call it Red One, Epic, Scarlet-X, or a digital SLR camera Canon EOS-1D C which has just been announced.

Newest peek Huawei Technologies in China

Huawei China Office
Huawei China Office

The headquarters of Huawei in China, have a special area filled with a variety of prototypes of their technology. Starting from the technology of cellular relay towers, a powerful tool for hospitals, to smart phones and tablet PC based on Android.

Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen, China, consists of many tall buildings in a vast area. Each building devoted to the different divisions and interests.

Special to the room located on building the latest technology Research and Development. When in this area, each group will be accompanied by staff of Huawei to clarify what is the technology they develop.

Beginning with the claimed technology getting smarter BTS. Huawei explained that they had a breakthrough that makes cellular relay towers is more power efficient and sophisticated.

First, there is a tower that has been put on solar power so it uses less energy and costs. “Consumption of energy is only about 700 watts,” said Huawei staff who lead the band. Continue reading “Newest peek Huawei Technologies in China”

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iPad Can Windows Virtual Desktop Access

iPad Virtual Desktop
iPad Virtual Desktop

iPad more and more optimized for corporate activity. Most recently, VMWare virtualization solutions provider try to prove if the Apple tablet PC, the company is able to access the virtual desktops from anywhere. VMware has just released an application is virtualized VMware View Client for iPad is available for free at Apple App Store.

With VMware View this Client, users can access the iPad claimed virtual Windows desktops, applications and data from anywhere. Combination with VMware View is said to deliver a modern desktop optimized for high-resolution multi-touch screen on the iPad.

“The popularity iPad in a business environment of the higher opening new opportunities for enterprise IT organizations to empower the workforce by providing access to critical business applications anytime anywhere,” said Christopher Young, Vice President and General Manager, End-User Computing, VMware . Continue reading “iPad Can Windows Virtual Desktop Access”