Yahoo Axis, when Browser & Search Engine Registration

Yahoo introduced a new product called Yahoo Axis. This service is a combination of search engines with a browser.

Certainty is obtained after a number of media crews in Uncle Sam’s inaugural event received an invitation Yahoo Axis. From the email was revealed, Yahoo claims this service as a new virtual world explorer tool.

Excerpted from The Next Web, Thursday (24/05/2012), there are at least three excellent features offered by Yahoo Axis. That is fast, smart design with a rich, connected experience and personal Home Page. Continue reading “Yahoo Axis, when Browser & Search Engine Registration”

Opera Mini 6 Landing on IPAD

Opera Mini 6 Ipad
Opera Mini 6 Ipad

Opera released a mobile browser for iPad tablet computer, which is the Opera Mini 6. Internet explorer is believed will present a major challenge for Apple’s Safari browser.

Opera Mini 6 for IOS has been available for download in the App Store. Users iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch began to try out software that has poor toughness in the transverse segment of this mobile.

Quoted from PCWorld, Thursday (05/26/2011), Opera Mini 6 using technology that is claimed to make the web loads faster than other browsers. Therefore, the compressed web pages on Opera servers first.

New features of Opera Mini 6 in which the design for larger screen and pinch to zoom is better. In addition there is also a sharing capability directly to Twitter and Facebook.

Opera Mini 6 previously been available for the Android platform, BlackBerry, Symbian and J2ME-based devices. Availability in the IOS makes Opera wants to expand its power in the mobile browser market.

Microsoft Protest Google Domination

Microsoft and Google
Microsoft and Google

Microsoft to increase competition in the search engine with Google. The company, based in Redmond, United States (U.S.), it filed a formal complaint to the European Commission, claiming that Google has been blocking competition in the Internet search.

Presumably Microsoft’s take the example in the case had ever happened to him. As is known, Microsoft itself has confronted the issue of monopoly of the browser market in Europe because membundling Internet Explorer with Windows OS. In a note to analysts, this is the first time Microsoft, that in fact the target of action of anti-competition issues in the U.S. and Europe, filed a complaint about competition issues.

In the complaint file, as reported by Reuters on Thursday (31/03/2011), Microsoft claims Google has deliberately made the competition unfair running search engine.

“Google controls more than 90 percent of Internet search advertising market in Europe. While the search engine Bing, struggling to make a breakthrough to get into Google’s market share controlled by it,” wrote Microsoft. Continue reading “Microsoft Protest Google Domination”

Google Chrome For Linux

Google Chrome Linux
Google Chrome Linux

Google Chrome For Linux memang sebuah aplikasi browser yang handal, terbukti penulis sudah menggunakan browser ini selama berbulan – bulan lamanya untuk kepentingan blogging. Awalnya memang penulis menginstall aplikasi Google Chrome ini di sistem operasi Windows sejak versi pertamanya keluar ( saat itu masih versi beta ), namun, setelah sistem operasi Windows yang terinstall di komputer menulis seringkali bermasalah, akhirnya sistem operasi default kembali ke Ubuntu ( kembali ke mantan lama hehe ).

Sebenarnya, browser Google Chrome versi linux tidak jauh berbeda dengan yang ada di windows, namun menurut penulis, yang versi linux lebih stabil. Hampir tidak pernah terjadi masalah saat browsing. Berbeda dengan yang versi windows, penulis sering mendapatkan bahasa mesin /  bahasa html campuran saat logout Yahoo! mail, atau beberapa website yang lain. Dan itu tentunya sangat mengganggu aktifitas penulis sebagai blogger.

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