BlackBerry Messenger on Android Appears on Google PlayStore

Messaging service BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which was originally exclusive to BlackBerry handsets have been confirmed will visit the iPhone and Android phones. What looks like BBM on Android also been leaked. Media technology BGR leaked screenshots receive BBM running on the Samsung Galaxy S III handset. It’s just a start screen, but at least it could be an idea as to what BBM on Android later.

Media also reported beta BBM for Android and iOS can be tried on a limited basis by the selected user. They also show what the screenshot.

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Successor to USB 3.0 Proposes Speed ​​10 Gbps

USB 3.0 standard interface is able to offer impressive data speeds up to 5 Gbps. But it seems that ability will soon be overtaken by the latest USB standard called capable of offering data speeds up to two times as much. Carrying the 3.1 version or the popular will as USB 3.1, the new standard USB interface is claimed to be capable of delivering data at speeds up to 10 Gbps.

This means, it only took about 8 seconds to copy a file size of 10 GB. Surely the speed can be achieved by plugging a device that also supports USB 3.1 standard.

As quoted from Ubergizmo, Friday (02/08/2013), namely USB pembesutnya Promote Group reportedly will soon announce the newest technology and expected soon to flood the market shortly thereafter.

In addition, USB Promote Group was not immune to pin compatibility support for previous versions of USB devices. But of course, limited to the supports transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps for USB 3.0 and 480 Mbps for USB 2.0.

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HTC Vivid Unlock made easy.


Some time ago, there are some friends who asked me, how do HTC Vivid Unlock, because they can not replace the sim card belongs to them. as we know, some smart phone vendors are locking on some brands do their smartphones. this they do to protect their cooperation with the telecom service providers in different countries. like HTC smartphone devices, they also perform some type of locking them out smartphones already on the market. indeed there are some devices that do not unlock, but very limited. devices like htc htc htc titan and also vivid in the lock, so that troublesome user to replace the sim card they want. can not freely change the sim card at will. Continue reading “HTC Vivid Unlock made easy.”