Three netbook brands you won’t have thought of

Three Up and Coming Netbook Brands

macbook-pro-retina-display1Are you considering purchasing a netbook? If so, you might want to consider several new devices appearing on shelves recently. Last year, several netbooks failed to keep afloat and unfortunately were discontinued. They have been replaced by a new freshman class. Below are product descriptions for several new players hoping to establish and maintain a foothold in the mini laptop world.

Keeping the budget in mind

For many on a tight budget, these darlings offer a lot for the expense. They include respectable hardware packages and battery life, though they might not always be ideal cosmetically speaking. Further, some may offer the outdated flat-keyboards and will not have Bluetooth capability. If this satisfies all your computing needs and you want to downsize, sell your MacBook Pro to an online recycling company. Continue reading “Three netbook brands you won’t have thought of”

Acer Aspire S3, The Slim is Tempting

Acer Aspire S3
Acer Aspire S3

Anyone who just saw the look of the Acer Aspire S3 would be tempted to form a slim, unique design, and colors that reinforce the impression of exclusivity. Then how it performs? Acer Aspire S3 is claimed as the first ultrabook available on the market. In accordance with its kind, this product is a candidate sleek design, easy to use, until the battery life on average.

But the first impression when I saw this product detikINET is, it looks similar to Apple’s Macbook Air. Neither of the body design, the keyboard, to mix the colors used. However, when tested further, of course they are different. Continue reading “Acer Aspire S3, The Slim is Tempting”

Apple Mac Pro History End?

Rumors that Apple overwrite odor rumored to be stopping production of its line of Mac Pro. Sales of these devices is decreased causing Apple to reconsider its investment. During the last quarter, Apple reported sales of its products is dominated by a line of notebooks in which the MacBook Air became the best selling products and followed with a MacBook Pro. Sales of the portable device 2 is reached the percentage of 74% of the overall Mac sales. Being in the line of desktops, even though he only contributed a small proportion of overall sales, but he still contributed profit for Apple. Reportedly, the iMac desktop products with the best sales, beat the Mac Pro.

Apple is updating its line of Mac Pro in July 2010 with a ramped up to 12 processor cores and cram a faster graphics card. Exterior design itself can be virtually unchanged. Quoted from Cnet, Tuesday (01/10/2011), Mac Pro sales decline starting from 2499 USD in America. This has led to the executives of Apple to think again about whether they will continue investing in this line or not.

Yahoo! Messenger with Mac Style.

Yahoo! Messenger with Mac Style, dari judulnya saja pasti rekan – rekan sudah faham apa maksudnya 😉 hehehe. Ini gara – gara temen yang kemaren minta tolong install modem flash di MacBook miliknya. Benar – benar tergiur dengan Performance dan Appereance milik Mac OS X Snow Leopard 😉 Benar – benar kagum ku dibuatnya 😉

Karna ndak punya biaya untuk membeli seperangkat mesin MacBook, apalagi MacBook Pro, akhirnya meski pake sistem operasi punya bill gates ini, memaksa sebagian tampilan software ke model Mac 😉 Salah satunya adalah aplikasi Yahoo! Messenger.

Setelah mencoba membuka kamus ( ), akhirnya menemukan situs yang menyediakan style Mac untuk Yahoo! messenger. Kecil sekali filenya, cuma 500an KB. Setelah Download Yahoo! Messenger with Mac Style, langsung install, dan hasilnya bisa dilihat di screenshoot yang aku buat ini :

Continue reading “Yahoo! Messenger with Mac Style.”