8MP Brown Bushnell Trophy Security Camera

security-video-cameraThe 8MP Brown Bushnell Trophy Cam is one of the more unusual products I have run across. In my capacity as a security camera and optics reviewer, researcher and blogger, I have seen quite a few cameras, and more than a few security cameras and security systems. However, this product is more designed for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Actually, the idea is interesting to me. What someone would do with this is to place it in position on a tree or post (or some other stationary position) and then let it record.

The idea here is that the security camera will record the wildlife that passes by this position. This way, the hunter will have an accurate idea about whether or not this would be a good place to invest their time while waiting to bag that buck or some other type of animal. Personally, I am not a hunter, but I love the idea of working smarter rather than simply harder. This is a great tool to gather the intelligence that you need. Continue reading “8MP Brown Bushnell Trophy Security Camera”

Secret Behind 41 MP Camera Phone Nokia

Nokia 808 PureViewNow Nokia has solved a camera phone revolution with Nokia 808 PureView. This camera has the oversampling technology aimed at producing perfect image quality expected. Of 7 pixels captured, the result will be a memory to a single pixel. This phone has the power to the best image quality, lossless zoom, and superior performance in low lighting. Who claimed to have the camera could only shoot 41 MP to 38 MP. What is the meaning behind the claims 41 MP? Maximum resolution Nokia 808 can shoot images with a ratio of 4:3 up to 38 MP. With a 16:9 ratio of pixel size, the Nokia 808 can reach up to 34 MP.

Sensor is a multi-faceted services. Different aspects of different value on the effective point of view in sight. By 35 mm, the result is equal to about 28 mm with a pixel aspect ratio of 4:3 images. With 26 mm, this Cameras produces photo shoot aspect 16:9 image file size. 1/1.2 inch sensor size is more impressive than a pocket digital camera. This is more than double the camera’s sensor Nokia N8. This capability means that there are an estimated 1.4-micron pixel size in every single pixel. Simply DO, the size of each pixel is similar to the 8 MP camera phones are widely circulated. The difference is, there are five times as many pixels in it. Not 41MP Photos Sensor 41 MP camera phone Nokia 808 does not mean you can take photos using a 41 MP full.

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Called Tango Official Windows Phone Refresh

Windows Phone Tango
Windows Phone Tango

The latest update of Windows Phone was previously known code name Tango, officially called the 7.5 Refresh. This operating system offers several improvements from previous versions. It is presented directly by Stefania Duico, Head of the Division of Windows Phone in Italy. As quoted from phonearena, Wednesday (14/03/2012).

If you view a brief history of Windows Phone, the operating system does have a variety of unique code name. Metro for Windows Phone first, Refresh to 7.5, and the alleged Apollo 8 is a Windows Phone. Refresh Windows Phone 7.5 offers several improvements from the previous generation, such as the need for smaller systems. If Mango can only be used on the phone with 512 MB ??of memory, Refresh only need 256 MB.

The latest update also try to fix some rumors that the contact list management is sometimes difficult to access, and this operating system will open the gates for lower-priced line of Windows phones. Such as the Nokia 610.

Trouble With HP Mini 210-1002

Beberapa hari kemaren pusing karna Keyboard Sama TouchPad tidak bisa bergerak sama sekali setelah masuk ke sistem operasi Windows.  Sudah ubek – ubek bios, ndak ada hal yang ganjil sama sekali. Sebelum masuk ke Sistem Operasi Windows, di hp mini 210-1002 ada sistem operasi punya HP sendiri, disitu keyboard sama touchpad bisa berjalan dengan baik.

Namun setelah masuk ke sistem operasi windows, keyboard tidak berfungsi, dan touchpad tidak dapat bergerak sama sekali. Berbagai cara sudah aku lakukan, seperti me-reset memory bios, booting menggunakan beberapa cd OpenSource, namun tidak juga muncul keberuntungan.

Akhirnya, Install Ulang 😉 ini adalah jurus andalan utama dan terpercaya sejak dulu kala, wuakakakkakka. Setelah aku install ulang, Alhamdulillah, akhirnya semua kembali berjalan dengan normal. Driver dan data yang sebelumnya ada, tidak hilang, karena dalam proses instalasi, tidak mengikutkan proses partisi atau format.