Download Nokia C3 Games for Free

Nokia C3 Games
Nokia C3 Games

Some time ago, I got a gift from my wife, which is a sophisticated mobile phone, nokia c3. I am very happy, because the features on this phone are very sophisticated, unlike the other phones. but there are some things I want to add, such as games, and themes that can enhance your appearance latest nokia c3. after I did some browsing on the website, I finally found an extensive list of nokia c3 games, which can be downloaded for free. Continue reading “Download Nokia C3 Games for Free”

HTC Flyer Able to Beat Apple iPad 2?

HTC Flyer
HTC Flyer

High Tech Computer (HTC), which is known as one of the largest smartphone manufacturer, plans to market the Flyer that the introduction of tablet PCs at the Mobile World Congress on February 14 to 17 and then in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

It seems that HTC was not daunted by the presence of the Apple iPad 2. In the first stage, he was quite optimistic that produces more than one million units HTC Flyer. This figure shows that the Taiwanese company that believes the potential for tablet PCs in the future is promising, especially in segments of the developing countries.

HTC Flyer is the first tablet PC made ​​by HTC that has a touch screen 7-inch size. HTC which has long partnered with Google to adopt Android as the operating system, namely Android OS 2.4 (Gingerbread). This capital is sufficient to compete fiercely with the second generation are also dimodali iPad latest OS, IOS 4.

Flyer powered magnitude 1.5 GHz processor. On paper, this ability is well above the iPad 2 which only has a 900 MHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor.

Both can operate in HSPA and WCDMA networks with different versions of the device. For memory capacity, HTC immerse 1GB of RAM and on-board storage of 32GB. While IPAD 2 only 512 MB ​​of RAM. Again, Flyers beat iPad 2. Continue reading “HTC Flyer Able to Beat Apple iPad 2?”

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