BlackBerry Messenger on Android Appears on Google PlayStore

Messaging service BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which was originally exclusive to BlackBerry handsets have been confirmed will visit the iPhone and Android phones. What looks like BBM on Android also been leaked.┬áMedia technology BGR leaked screenshots receive BBM running on the Samsung Galaxy S III handset. It’s just a start screen, but at least it could be an idea as to what BBM on Android later.

Media also reported beta BBM for Android and iOS can be tried on a limited basis by the selected user. They also show what the screenshot.

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Voice Chat PTT Coming Soon on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is likely to have an effective way to really kick via SMS communications. Popular messaging service is reportedly adding voice chat function push-to-talk (PTT).

If it is true, as quoted from TechRadar, Thursday (05/02/2013), WhatsApp will also compete more aggressively in BlackBerry Messenger BBM Voice being closest rival.

The news stems from 9to5Mac who posted the leaked email sent to developers WhatsApp Hong Kong. In the email, the developer asked to translate the Chinese characters. Sentences that ask translated, among others, including the ‘Push-to-talk button’. Continue reading “Voice Chat PTT Coming Soon on WhatsApp”

BBM spread, RIM Dug Your Own Grave

Blackberry Messenger
Blackberry Messenger

Users may be much that awaits if access to the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was opened to other platforms, whether it is Android, IOS, Symbian, or Windows Phone 7 though. Unfortunately RIM has asserted disinterest.

Step RIM is also strongly supported the analysts. For, if the fuel can connect with other devices outside of the BlackBerry platform, RIM is tantamount to dig his own grave.

The reason for this fuel is known for ekslusivitasnya. That is, if anyone wants to use or contact the user of fuel then it must have a BlackBerry device.

Fuel user identity is not based on any of the email address – such as Yahoo Messenger or other instant messaging services – but from the pin that characterize every BlackBerry device.

Pete Cunningham, an analyst with Canalyst states, the fuel has carved out success story for the rim. “From a few years ago BlackBerry only used by corporate circles, is now increasingly widespread with a non-standard segments,” he said.

Criticized, BlackBerry Playbook defended Bos RIM

blackberry playbookSome initial review of the BlackBerry Playbook less encouraging. Still got a few compliments, tablets made ??by Research in Motion (RIM) was also hit by criticism. Primarily related absence of important features such as integrated email and video chat application.

As Co CEO Jim Balsillie of RIM also tried to deflect criticism coming. He claimed the perpetrators of review would not be fair in concluding performance and goals Playbook.

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