Nokia Strengthens Camera Technology

Nokia Camera TechnologyNokia has completed the acquisition of a company engaged in the field of imaging, Scalado. With the annexation of the Nokia hopes to do something bigger in camera phone technology.

Finnish company admitted that it had to have a ‘title’ as a leader in technology. The Nokia site tells the story of their journey that began from the first camera phone, the Nokia 7650 in 2002, then 12 MP camera phone with autofocus on the N8 first and followed by PureView technology.

“We’re at a point where everything could change radically. It is our ambition that the phone can capture the emotion and memory than the filter that can be done today,” wrote Nokia. Continue reading “Nokia Strengthens Camera Technology”

Download Nokia C3 Games for Free

Nokia C3 Games
Nokia C3 Games

Some time ago, I got a gift from my wife, which is a sophisticated mobile phone, nokia c3. I am very happy, because the features on this phone are very sophisticated, unlike the other phones. but there are some things I want to add, such as games, and themes that can enhance your appearance latest┬ánokia c3. after I did some browsing on the website, I finally found an extensive list of nokia c3 games, which can be downloaded for free. Continue reading “Download Nokia C3 Games for Free”

Windows Phone Ready 7.5 Already Introduced

Windows Iphone 7.5
Windows Iphone 7.5

Windows Mobile users Phone 7 (WP7) which did not wait for updates on this one. ‘Mango’ or WP 5.7 which will bring improvements ‘NoDo’, will be introduced first time on May 24, 2011. As quoted in ZDNet, Tuesday (05/10/2011), Microsoft plans to conduct an exclusive preview of ‘Mango’ in New York and London. This event will dissect the latest features in WP 7.5 that will be present later.

Some additional features such as Audio Bing, Bing Vision, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, SMS Dictation and so forth.

Nokia, Windows 7 Phone closest associates at this time, reportedly awaiting Mango update this before they launched the first two Windows mobile phone, Nokia W7 and W8.