Facebook annexed Voice Recognition Technology

Voice recognition technology is predicted to be a trend in the next few years. That’s why Facebook was willing to pour some money to adopt these technologies.

With the technology to eliminate gaps Facebook dreaming about the language differences between fellow ‘citizens’ them.

And in order to achieve her dreams quickly, Facebook does not want to create their own voice recognition technology, but by acquiring companies who are experts in the field.

Is a start-up Mobile Technologies selected Pittsburgh native Facebook. The company’s name is not very well known, but they successfully implementing voice recognition technology in an application called Jibbigo. It is said that this application is widely used iOS and Android users.
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The Best Video Converter for Mac.

video converter for macWho is not familiar with the Mac?, This apple product is a product that is legendary. products are very high quality, especially for image processing and video processing. in different parts of the world, this one product is a product that became the idol of the multimedia lovers around the world. As we know, if the application to perform video is very much on the mac machine, but not many are functioning to convert between video formats, so it is not uncommon, many people who struggle to get the best application to convert video files they want.

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Wow! The high rate Attorneys Samsung & Apple

Apple and Samsung LawyersApple and Samsung have long fallen out about the patent. In addition to spending time and energy, both vendors also spend a lot of money to hire a lawyer.

The dispute between Apple with Samsung has been going on for about 15 months, the agency handling the case law is also predicted to have a very large income from handling the case. A document also appears to say how the fee that each lawyer lined up.

As quoted from ArsTechnica, Tuesday (07/24/2012), Morrison Foerster law firm hired by Apple mentioned a rate of USD 526 per hour. Rates are quite high, even when compared to the average lawyer in the United States. Continue reading “Wow! The high rate Attorneys Samsung & Apple”

Affordable Tariffs with Best SIM Only Deals

affordable-simWise spending is important nowadays. This is because there are many things that we have to spend on. This includes financial obligations like paying our bills, buying food, using transport services and money for our leisure. There are endless things that we have to spend on, but the only problem is that our budget is so limited. So when it comes to choosing the right communication network for you that could offer the service that you truly deserve, get one among the best SIM only deals offered by your trusted mobile communication network providers.

The best SIM deals in the UK can with many benefits or advantages to its users. First of all, this is very affordable. Second, this has many features. A deal that has features that definitely go more than its cost may seem too good to be true but you will surely love the services that they offer once you avail of their contracts. Continue reading “Affordable Tariffs with Best SIM Only Deals”