This application Owner Make Audi tub mechanic Got Personal

Renowned German automaker, Audi, presents a unique application. Like a personal mechanic, an application called eKurzinfo this has the ability to inform all the functions contained in the Audi luxury car and how to handle.

How to use it interesting. New application is initially available for the iPhone and iPad’s camera operates by relying on the Apple device.

For example, motorists Audi look alien-looking indicator on the dashboard. Armed eKurzinfo, users only need to point the camera gadgetnya on foreign indicator in question. And once it did, the application would inform the indicator function fully.

eKurzinfo can also inform the parts related to the information the user wants to know the indicators.

In a video released by Audi, seen someone curious about the function of existing indicators in Audi car speedometer.

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One Killed, Nose Politicians Hanura In-X-rays

Viva News
Viva News

Entourage boarded a bus member House of Representatives Commission II had an accident in Delangu, Klaten, Central Java. Bus group led by Vice Chairman of Commission II Ganjar Pranowo crashed into a tree after trying to avoid a collision with a motorist.

The latest information obtained from Yusa VIVAnews, Secretary of Commission II Team who visited, motorcyclists died on the spot.

According Yusa, the team is in traveling to Klaten from Wonogiri (formerly VIVAnews preach the opposite). In Delangu, before reaching the town of Klaten, a bus containing 20 passengers in which nine of them members of Parliament were passed by a truck. Continue reading “One Killed, Nose Politicians Hanura In-X-rays”