When Nokia Lumia 920 Log Indonesia?

Nokia Lumia 9202Carriers AT & T in the United States has to make sure the phone will start selling Windows Phone 8 champ Nokia, Lumia 920, on 9 November 2012. Then what about Indonesia?

According to Martin Chirotarrab, President Director of Nokia Indonesia, today it still has no definite date about the launch Lumia 920 and 820 in the country. Including the matter of the sale price.

“Of course it worth waiting for the world’s most innovative smartphone Nokia Lumia 920/820. Wait updates from us soon!” he said. Continue reading “When Nokia Lumia 920 Log Indonesia?”

4G LTE Nokia phones Could Only Sign in Indonesia

Nokia 4G LTE
Nokia 4G LTE

Although not yet have a network of Long Term Evolution (LTE), Indonesia could have visited Lumia 900, Nokia mobile phone which brings LTE 4G connectivity. The phone also was asked as the best phone in the world arena of party gadgets Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 yesterday.

Anvid Erdian, Product Manager Nokia Indonesia, stated that the capabilities of the Lumia 900 not only on LTE connectivity it has. As for the screen in terms of performance and value-added diusungnya as cell phones than competitors.

“So it could be signed in Indonesia, but the LTE was not working. We still look at that possibility,” said Anvid, Tuesday (17/01/2012).

In terms of appearance, Lumia 900 has a 4.3 inch wide screen ClearBlack AMOLED display. Offered only two colors, black and cyan are bluish.

Just as ‘brother’ – Lumia 800, 710, and N9 – Lumia 900 is also wrapped with a polycarbonate material that diklam steady grip and elegant when viewed. Continue reading “4G LTE Nokia phones Could Only Sign in Indonesia”

Nokia Falls to Multi SIM Card Market

Nokia Multi Sim Card
Nokia Multi Sim Card

In recent years mobile phone with two SIM slots or RUIM many in the market of Indonesia. The author is generally a local vendor, whose products are designed and manufactured in China. Even now the trend has been to 3 even 4 card slots inside a cellular phone.

Recently, Nokia, one of the world’s major mobile phone manufacturers finally were moved to jump into that market. Rather than simply following the trend or confiscate the fortune of local producers who had already been struggling in a multi SIM segment, Nokia taken this step after getting feedback from their users.

“One big part of our strategy is working on billions of other users, and market opportunities in the mobile industry that has more than one SIM slot is huge,” said Lukman Susetyo, Head of Marketing at Nokia Indonesia in Jakarta, July 15, 2011.

Lukman said Nokia may seem late compared with other manufacturers in presenting a dual SIM mobile phone. However, Lukman claims, is actually not the case.
“Before we present the product, we are always doing research and listening to feedback from users,” said Lukman. “And from our research, current users tended to have more than one operator card. For that, we try to meet their needs,” he said. Continue reading “Nokia Falls to Multi SIM Card Market”

Nokia Challenge enthusiast Indonesia Angry Birds

Angry Birds
Angry Birds

Popularity Angry Birds make Nokia held an event to challenge the enthusiast gaming is the hot-tempered birds in Indonesia. Event titled ‘Nokia Happy Hour: Angry Birds Challenge’ was held during the month of May in 15 Nokia Store.

The players the chance to test their dexterity in playing the popular game developed by Rovio, and beat their competitors from all over Indonesia.

They can play and practice at the Nokia Store nearby before going into the preliminary round. In the preliminary round will select one finalist each week so that the selected 60 finalists who will advance to the grand final round to be held at Mal Kelapa Gading 3.

“Since we introduced the Nokia N900 and followed by Nokia and Symbian N8 ^ 3, Angry Birds is one of the game’s most popular and most downloaded by users of Ovi Store Indonesia,” said Andrea Facchini, Marketing Director of Nokia Indonesia in his statement on Monday (16/05/2011).