HTC No Longer Want to Make Windows Phone?

In addition to Android, HTC does have a line of smartphones based on Windows Phone models. But it is reported that Taiwanese manufacturers will no longer support the operating system from Microsoft.

Before you go make a phone Nokia Windows Phone, the HTC is the biggest vendor that has a variety of types of phones based on the operating system. HTC now has only about 5% of the total population of Windows Phone, Nokia is far behind at 80%. While the second position is filled by Samsung.

According to Digitimes, and quoted on Wednesday (08/14/2013), it is a sign that HTC began to move away from Windows Phone. In fact, some observers predict that Windows Phone still has a bright future, better than the BlackBerry. Continue reading “HTC No Longer Want to Make Windows Phone?”

Trap on Facebook Use Techniques XSS


The social networking site users up two days later by an attack fidgety widespread malicious scripts. Of monitoring, it is known that the attack was spread by using techniques XSS (Cross Site Scripting).

If the user clicks on the link provided – and generally use the URL Shortener like,, etc. – then the victim will be delivered to the pages that previously had been prepared containing XSS exploitation.

According to Alfons Tanujaya, observers viruses and cyber security of Vaksincom, XSS maker is clearly an Indonesian and follow the news, especially football in Indonesia.

“By leveraging the recent issue and making it social engineering (social engineering), a sophisticated, so do not be surprised if many people are interested in the link that was promised and hoped to see something funny from the link,” said Alfons on testimony, March 29, 2011.

BlackBerry Onyx Non-Operator in Lower USD 6 Million

As predicted, the price of non-service BlackBerry longer continue to decline. Of the price of USD 7.6 million at the beginning of its presence, now the price of smart phones besutan Research in Motion (RIM) sold not by the operator under the pegged at USD 6 million. Continue reading “BlackBerry Onyx Non-Operator in Lower USD 6 Million”