Free Disconnect Judge Charlie ‘iPad’


Hope Charlie ‘iPad’ Sianipar to obtain an acquittal was granted. The judge granted the seller is free to cut 14 prosecutors indicted iPad no manual book it was. “Passing, legitimately prove that the defendant Chrlie M Sianipar not proven guilty,” said Chairman of the judges, Yonisman, at the South Jakarta District Court, Jl Ampera, Wednesday (03/14/2012).

According Yonisman, Charlie should be acquitted of all charges and restored his good name. Court costs are also borne by the state. Previously, the Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) demanded Charlie ‘iPad’ Sianipar imprisonment for 6 months and a fine of Rp 5 million subsidiary two months in prison.

Prosecutor Charlie judge guilty of a criminal offense to trade in the form of telecommunications device Apple iPad brands that do not fit the technical requirements in article 32 paragraph 1 and article 52 in conjunction with Article 32 paragraph (1) Law No 36 of 1999 on Telecommunications.

Wrong Selling Products Without a Manual Indonesian?


The case resulted in prison selling iPad widely criticized because of the ‘rubber articles’ in it. So what’s wrong with selling the product without the manual in Bahasa Indonesia?

To ITGazine, opinions are thrown Abhimanyu Wachdjoewidajat of academics and practitioners UIN Sharif Hidayatullah telematics, Saturday (07/02/2011).

“It seems increasingly clear that our laws are very short term nature, valid only when the Act was plotted and only for some time after the Act is set, if this is how weird it is now not always the House busy with the manufacture and repair of the Act, and by law can not be following day, impressed even create chapters ‘rubber’ which applied only to the interests of certain parties, “said the man who was familiarly called this Abah.

The two charges posted to Dian (42) and Randy (29) as the sellers there are two chapters. Abah also comment on each article is posted.

1. Since selling the iPad import-recognized as a thrift-and since bought in Singapore so it does not have a ‘manual in Indonesian language’ which violates Article 62 Paragraph (1) in conjunction with Article 8 Paragraph (1) Subparagraph j of Law 8 / 1999 on Consumer Protection for do not have the manual book in Indonesian language.

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