Understanding the ‘Danger’ SOPA Through Video Animation


Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), aka the draft Anti-Piracy Law Online in the United States is becoming a byword. Still difficult to understand how this law works then? Consider this animated video. In general, SOPA will allow the U.S. government and corporate copyright holders to block sites that are considered in violation, piracy or counterfeiting of intellectual property.

For example, if there are websites that have been accused of illegal content that violates copyright (including songs, pictures, video clips, etc.), then the site can be blocked by ISPs in the U.S., was posted from a search engine, and even intercepted to run online business with providers of payment services like PayPal.

Inevitably a number of Internet giants like Google, WordPress, WikiPedia, until Twitter against the existence of rules that are still in the stage of the legislation. Continue reading “Understanding the ‘Danger’ SOPA Through Video Animation”

Android Tripped Patents

Google Android
Google Android

Software used by Google to develop Android deemed to violate some copyrights. As a result, the Internet giant that also must pay a fine of $ 5 million.

The lawsuit filed by Bedrock Computer Technologies, a software developer who also demanded that Yahoo, MySpace, Amazon, PayPal, Match.com and AOL on a similar case.

The plaintiffs accuse Google has just copied the Linux kernel algorithms in Android. But this is just the beginning, the company is reportedly going to sue anyone who is proven using the same kernel.

Quoted from dailytech, Saturday (23/04/2011), to avoid further charges Google plans to remodel some of the kernel used in Android.

“Litigation of this patent, such as changing the highways into toll roads, and forcing companies to spend millions of dollars for patent claims are still questionable,” Google’s remorse.

Choosing a Ford Mustang accessories suitable for your car.

There are so many ways which can be done to modify the car, one of which is to replace the paint the car, or put a sticker cool, replace the muffler, replace the color doors, and accessories the other car, this certainly is very pleasant. I’ve often replace my car accessories, and I always buy through the internet, or at online stores, because a lot of options we can choose and in accordance with our car. In addition, given the price certainly is not expensive, and certainly much cheaper than offline stores. In addition, the payment process can be done quickly, via credit card or use paypal, within minutes, the transaction will be completed. Continue reading “Choosing a Ford Mustang accessories suitable for your car.”

Minggu yang Berat

Beberapa hari memang terasa agar berat ‘melakoni’nya, karna ada beberapa hal yang memang membuat semua terasa berat, hehe. Ada beberapa masalah yang tak kunjung selesai, dan selalu mengganjal dalam ‘kepala’ ini. Ditambah lagi, sakit sariawan dan pileg yang tak kunjung sembuh.

Tapi semua memang harus dilalui dengan keikhlasan dan semangat yang tiada habisnya. Mhh… Nunggu paypal cair + nunggu bayaran adsense, mudah2an adsense bisa cair dengan selamat, Amin.

Karna dengan cairnya adsense dan paypal, mungkin sakit sariawan dan pilegnya bisa agak sedikit reda ( kewkewkekwekwke ). Ya begitulah, kalo uang lagi menipis, biasanya pileg sama sariawan datang, kwekwkekw.