Google will ‘Remove’ Picasa and Blogger

Google Blogger Picasa
Google Blogger Picasa

Two popular service owned by Google, Picasa and Blogger will soon disappear. Not that Google remove them, but because the Internet giant wants to ‘throw’ the name of the product to be renamed.

Picasa and Blogger that have been renamed, will remain a key component of Google’s family of products. Such information is quoted from PC World, on Wednesday (07/06/2011).

Rebranding Picasa and Blogger is reportedly part of Google’s new strategy in introducing Google +, where several products that do not use Google’s name was retired and replaced with names that include Google’s behalf.

According to Mashable reports, six weeks away, the image editing service and the popular blogging platform will be renamed Google Photos and Google Blogs. But Google itself would not comment when questioned about this rebranding plan. Continue reading “Google will ‘Remove’ Picasa and Blogger”

WiFi at 120 Underground Station in London

WIFI Station London
WIFI Station London

While waiting for the train arrived, a resident of London, England, will be fun surf around the station. The British Government will provide access to hotspots in 120 subway stations in order to welcome the Olympics are held there in June 2012.

The first trials have been successfully performed at one station, following a trial at other stations to ensure a WiFi network ready for use at sporting events worldwide such party.

However, as quoted by PC World, on Monday (3/28/2011), users will only be connected to a WiFi network when in the vicinity of the station. Fleet subway, not equipped with WiFi capability.

“The event WiFi in public areas around the station will allow the citizens of London to use their mobile devices to read email, access social media sites and stay connected,” said London Mayor Boris Johnson

Google’s ‘Person Finder’, Help Find Quake Victims in Japan.

Responding to the earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan, Google launched its flagship service Person Finder to help find victims of natural disasters.

Google has released a similar service to help find people lost in the event of an earthquake in Haiti and Christchurch, New Zealand.

Google People Finder
Google People Finder

From PC World, on Friday (03/11/2011), Google Person Finder for Japan Earthquake / Tsunami allows users to report the presence of someone who lost in the midst of the disaster by including data on ‘I have information about someone’ and Google will save the report them. While the person who is looking for relatives or friends who are missing may click ‘I’m looking for someone’ and enter the name of the person in question. Later, Google will match the existing data.

To facilitate the citizens of Japan, Google provides the option to display in their language, there are also options in English to allow users who do not use the Japanese language.