Facebook Realize High Resolution Pictures & Full Screen

Facebook Full Screen
Facebook Full Screen

Enjoy high resolution photos and the look of the field? This is what can now be enjoyed by hundreds of millions of users of the site mahsyur nicknamed Facebook.

Competition in the virtual domain of social sites is getting tougher by the presence of new players like Google + and Pinterest.

Well, it seemed to confirm the presence of services that Facebook did not want to lose to other players who had already been presenting high resolution photo display and full-screen viewer.

Penggunapun benefit from an uploaded photo will look sharper. This was possible because the site was made ​​by Mark Zuckerberg has improved the quality of the photos at maximum resolution possible.

Then uploaded images can also be enjoyed in full screen. Users just click the arrow at the top right corner of the photo so that the feature works.

Facebook said, not all browsers support this feature, because it will only work on the latest version of Firefox or Chrome. Reported by PCWorld, Friday (03/23/2012), for the highest resolution adopted at the photos, up to a maximum limit of 2048 x 2048 pixels.

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