Night Time Images Show Long Distances On Outdoor Security Camera

cctv camThe night time images show up to 50 feet. Many cameras will claim a certain distance or number of feet. I have found that these claims are usually pretty much off. For example, a CCTV camera that claims to show you up to 120 feet may technically show up to 120 feet. However, after a certain distance, the image starts to rapidly deteriorate in quality. Lorex has taken a different approach. Instead of claiming a maximum distance, they actually give a realistic one. So there 50 feet claim is not only accurate, it may even understate their abilities. I LOVE a company that over delivers on their promises!

Even though I have not heard about Lorex before doing this particular research, it seems like a solid business to use. I would imagine that their customer support is also quite good. However, I have not had the opportunity to test this theory.

An anti-glare mode is also provided with this security camera. This allows for high performance, even under direct and bright sunlight. Ultimately, you can likely place this camera almost anywhere and expect it to perform well.

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Laris, Nexus 7 ‘Vanish’ in Play Store

Google Nexus 7Tablet Google Nexus 7 16 GB disappeared from the online store Play Store last week. The disappearance of the tablet for $ 250 is due to hard sell order.

Google does not mention the obvious reason for the disappearance of these tablets. But sources close to Google said it underestimated demand for the Internet giant’s Nexus 7 16 GB version. In fact, at Nexus 7 16 GB stockist and other retailers sold out, while the demand for the 8GB version is still relatively low.

Quoted from The Guardian, Tuesday (24/07/2012), Google is currently suspended sales of Nexus 7 16 GB version in the Play Store in the United States (U.S.) and the UK.

Bookings made within the period until the end of last week, Google promises will be fulfilled. However, due to lack of stock, Nexus 7 16GB should be absent in the first sale.

Messages posted on the Google Play Store request enthusiasts Nexus 7 16GB registered email alerts to know when the tablet is now available again so that they can be directly ordered.

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Not until a month, Instagram Android Downloaded 10 Million Times

Instagram Regardless of the attitude of the pros and cons of Instagram presence in Android, photo sharing applications continue to reap a phenomenal record in Google’s proprietary platform.

Most recently, Instagram for Android is incised number of downloaders to 10 million times in less than a month or exactly 22 days since Google released the first time to Play. This complements the stunning results of the application you just bought up the price of USD 1 billion. Previously, less than a day Instagram successfully downloaded 1 million times, even in a week could reach 5 million downloads. This information is quoted from Phone Arena, Sunday (04/29/2012).

Of course that number is not a measure of active users in the Android Instagram. Especially not a little disappointed with this application. Instagram application itself was released in October 2010 and managed to attract the attention of photo enthusiasts with the filters and the ease of sharing that he has to offer. Facebook promises, even though he already has Instagram, but they will still make it as a stand-alone photo applications.

Until now, Instagram already has 40 million members. It comes a week after application in Android, the numbers are up 10 million from 30 million just in the IOS only.

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Windows 8 Awaken the Glory of PC Era?

Windows 8
Windows 8

Major changes that will be carried by Microsoft in Windows 8, believed to reinstate the glory of personal computer (PC) is now stagnant. Recent data from the latest IDC said the growth in worldwide PC shipments for 2011 moving slowly, with the achievement of 1.8 percent. And it predicted would happen back in the first quarter of 2012.

Windows 8 will indeed be optimized for the tablet and the PC, but Microsoft still needs to encourage the sale of the operating system in the traditional PC (desktop), if you still want to maintain profit margins.

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