How To Increase Your Sales With a Good Website?

Marketing a product or service online, is something we must do to meet the demands of today. Due to the use of online media as a tool to market our products or services that we offer, we can expand the sales area, and are not limited to a city, country or continent. So we will be lost if we do not immediately take advantage of this medium to increase sales, or to simply tell the world that we are here with something to offer them.

In order to accomplish that, we need a website that will showcase us to all parts of the world. The purpose of a website, is to introduce ourselves, products or services we sell, as well as other things that we want to convey to the world, so to seeing and reading the website, they can find out where we are and the products or services we offer to them.

It is possible for some people, that creating or designing a website is a very difficult thing to do. But we have the recourse to access help in creating a quality website that can be well-known and ranked high in the search engines, so that people will find us easily. In fact there are many companies that fit the bill for the best web design company in many cities, but we can also get into trouble when looking at too many companies offering website services; it can be overwhelming. Among these companies, some are good, and others not so good, in terms of services as well as website creation and after sales service. Continue reading “How To Increase Your Sales With a Good Website?”

Google kick Low Quality Website

Google Images
Google Images

Google modifying its search system. They try to stem the existence of a site that is considered low quality, appears in the row above the search results. But these changes are still only valid in the territory of the United States alone. from Sify, Monday (28/02/2011), Google is changing the mathematical formula to get rid of sites that offer low value. It’s like some sites that just provide a little content and instead take the user to a page filled with ads.

This search engine giant before it was intended to dam sites that simply mimic content from another website or present information that is not useful. And, this was it. Google explained, this change lowered the website with low quality and raise the quality website rank high in search results. Web site has a condition such as high-quality original content and have had a profound analysis.

“We have a responsibility to trigger a web of healthy ecosystems. It is necessary a site with high quality award and that is what is done in this change,”the Google statement. Google working on projects such change since about a year ago. Its implementation started in the United States and the plan would be visited other areas.

Website Feel Impact From Google Modification

Google Modification
Google Modification

Google decided to make significant changes in its search algorithms, with lower-quality website ranking is low, such that only contain little content and instead directs users to a full page ad. These modifications have seen quite a dramatic impact in the realm of online search. Once observed, some websites that previously ranked high in searches with certain keywords, have plummeted in the results list. While some social networking sites, news sites and retail sites rose rank.

Some sites even protest because of his rank reduced, but they feel good quality. This example experienced by site, which used to hire writers to produce quality content. Therefore, they want to ask Google how to get up again rank. Study of the research ranking Sistrix online search, found several websites has increased due to modification of Google’s rankings. For example networking site and News sites like Fox News and the New York Daily News also experienced surges.