Hacker Ask Ransom Rp446 million to Symantec


Symantec reportedly ready to pay money of U.S. $ 50 thousand in the hacker to prevent the hacker released code Norton PC Anywhere and Norton Antivirus. Previously, Yama Tough, an individual hacker who claims to be a member of the group Anonymous, in a tweet of his claim will be releasing the source code of Norton Antivirus.

“We’ll pay you, but we need assurance that you will not be releasing the code after we make a payment,” said Sam Thomas, a spokesman for Symantec in an email to the hacker, quoted from Cnet, 8 February 2012.

In his email, Thomas said, it will pay U.S. $ 2500 or Rp22 million per month in the first three months. The payment itself will be conducted starting next week.

Mid-January, Symantec did admit that in 2006 there are breaches of action happening on their networks and theft of program code. The breakthrough was made by a third party and the stolen code is program code Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition, Internet Security, SystemWorks, and PC Anywhere.

Although the hackers managed to steal the code, Symantec says that the majority of their customers are not in danger. Largest manufacturer of security devices that have been instructed on the user to temporarily turn off their software to Symantec issued an update to the software in question.

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