8MP Brown Bushnell Trophy Security Camera

security-video-cameraThe 8MP Brown Bushnell Trophy Cam is one of the more unusual products I have run across. In my capacity as a security camera and optics reviewer, researcher and blogger, I have seen quite a few cameras, and more than a few security cameras and security systems. However, this product is more designed for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Actually, the idea is interesting to me. What someone would do with this is to place it in position on a tree or post (or some other stationary position) and then let it record.

The idea here is that the security camera will record the wildlife that passes by this position. This way, the hunter will have an accurate idea about whether or not this would be a good place to invest their time while waiting to bag that buck or some other type of animal. Personally, I am not a hunter, but I love the idea of working smarter rather than simply harder. This is a great tool to gather the intelligence that you need. Continue reading “8MP Brown Bushnell Trophy Security Camera”

Instagram Users Translucent 25 Million

Instagram Users
Instagram Users

Recently announced in December that Instagram has embraced the 15 million users, is now reported to the user application image is already exceeded 25 million. Is Dirk Singer, bloggers and social media researcher who issued a number. That figure is the obtainment of some applications which Statigram and Ink361 Instagram which shows the number of users Instagram.

Reported by TheNextWeb, Saturday (3/2/2012), with 25 million users, you could say there are 3000 users Instagram per hour increase, a figure that is fantastic.

There’s nothing that belies ketenanaran Instagram, the photo application which is only established by the few. With its flagship filters lo-fi style, he was able to attract the attention of photo enthusiasts who like to brush up on his work.

As reported previously, Instagram has just released its latest version, 2.2 which promises to speed cameras are more qualified and a number of bug fixes.

These Facebook benefits For School Students

Social networking sites like Facebook can help students to interact socially and academically, which ultimately improve learning outcomes. This conclusion was drawn from a study conducted by researchers from China and Hong Kong.

A group of researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China and City University of Hong Kong said their findings contradict the understanding of all this that the social networking site is a bully who divert the concentration of study.

Their findings, published in the International Journal of Networking and Visual Organizations, it was revealed that online social networking directly affect social learning and can positively affect academic learning.

“The pattern of social networks at up generally is in the form of the core mode and the periphery. Each individual has a close relationship with core friends and distant relations with many other friends, “said one researcher, as quoted by the media UPI, May 14, 2011

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