Utilizing the facebook fan page as the most powerful media campaign

As an internet marketer, we would already know that Facebook is a social media are very influential, and very important for promotion. whether it is the promotion of goods or for services promo media. facebook strength is not in doubt. so now a lot of products or services to be promoted through social media the biggest in the world. almost in various countries, Facebook is still a favorite site, and the more days, more and more new members listed.

One way to use facebook as a media campaign is to use a fan page is provided by facebook. more and more fans in the fan page, it can be sure that what is on the page, a favorite of many people. this can be exploited to conduct promotions, and can assure visitors that what is on the page is a favorite, and much recommended. Continue reading “Utilizing the facebook fan page as the most powerful media campaign”

Flying Robots will Replace CCTV

Scout Robot
Scout Robot

CCTV cameras may soon be ancient device with robotic presence on this one. The scientists developed a robotic fly complete with sophisticated intelligence system that can spy on and track criminals.

Users only indicate a location on Google Maps that appear on the touch screen controller on the robot. Furthermore, the robot will fly at a speed of 30 miles per hour to record HD quality video around that location. Videos can also be displayed to the iPhone in real time.

Quoted by the Daily Mail, Monday (05/16/2011), a robot named Scout was able to fly at an altitude of up to 500 feet or approximately 152 meters. Scouts can take pictures in a zoom in from a distance of 300 meters. That is, Scout can perform its mission without having to go near to the object being the eyes on him. Continue reading “Flying Robots will Replace CCTV”

Jellyfish echoes, Robot Can ‘Swimming’ in the Air

Swimming Robots
Swimming Robots

A robotic jellyfish designed to be able to fly and ‘swim’ in the air like a real jellyfish swim in the water. As quoted from TalkingScience, Wednesday (03/16/2011), the robot was developed by a company called Festo. It has a main body like a balloon and eight tentacles underneath.

AirJelly main body, the robot name, filled with helium so that it can float. Then the tentacles using electric motors to melesatkan AirJelly body into the air with the principle of peristaltic propulsion. In a video on YouTube, can be seen demonstrations AirJelly movement. His movements were graceful look like real sea creatures. Not only to the above, he also could move freely in three dimensional space. Continue reading “Jellyfish echoes, Robot Can ‘Swimming’ in the Air”

Have ready clone Robot Self?

Have you ever imagined having a very similar kloningan with you? A Japanese robot companies offer opportunities for people who want to have robot kloningan himself. Continue reading “Have ready clone Robot Self?”