This row of Samsung Galaxy to Android 5.0

You are one of the owners of Samsung Galaxy? We’ve got good news. Today, the news circulating on the Internet about the row of phones and tablets made by Samsung that will get the update or updates to the latest Android OS, the Android 5.0.

For those who have the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, you should be happy, because it will soon be tasting experience the latest Android OS version 5.0, although the age is almost the age of one year.

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, as a newcomer, it is estimated almost certainly get the same updates.

Here’s a list of phones that are expected to get the Android OS 5.0, which was launched GSMArena:

GT-I9300 – Galaxy S III
GT-I9305 – Galaxy S III LTE
GT-I9500 – Galaxy S 4
GT-I9505 – Galaxy S 4 LTE
GT-N5100 – Galaxy Note 8.0
GT-N5105 – 8.0 LTE Galaxy Note
GT-N5110 – Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi
GT-N7100 – Galaxy Note II
GT-N7105 – Galaxy Note II LTE
GT-N8000 – Galaxy Note 10.1
GT-N8005 – 10.1 LTE Galaxy Note
GT-N8010 – Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi Continue reading “This row of Samsung Galaxy to Android 5.0”

Asus wants to be the First Use Android 5.0

Android 5
Android 5

Android 5.0 operating system will reportedly be named Jelly Bean. Asus as one of the major vendors are hoping to use Android, those who will use the first Android Jelly Bean.

Asus prides itself as the first vendor to use Android in tablet Honeycomb Prime Transformer. Therefore, they are also optimistic quota of Jelly Bean Google to run first on their devices than other vendors.

“Asus is very close to Google, so that when they have Android 5.0 I think there is a high likelihood that we will be the first wave of the offering update Jelly Bean,” said Benson Lin, ASUS ‘corporate vice president is quoted from TechRadar on Sunday (4 / 3/2012). Continue reading “Asus wants to be the First Use Android 5.0”