Operate 900 thousand servers, Google Still Save Money Electricity

Google Server
Google Server

Google needs at least 900 thousand servers to serve all users. However, the internet giant consumes only 0.01 percent of electricity from around the world supply.

It was raised by Jonathan Koomey, just write down the results of his research on the usage of electrical power source for the data center.

“Google’s data center uses only 0.01% of total electric which exist throughout the world, and less than 1% in 2010 ago,” wrote Koomey, as quoted from the data center knowledge, Tuesday (08/02/2011).

Google’s own claim that they own the data center is designed to work more effectively, such as data storage systems which they called Spanner.

Design like this makes cross-platform data management quicker, this is very helpful since Google has a lot of online services. In addition Spanner also able to allocate the data on each hard drive automatically.

“Google’s infrastructure is more efficient than in-house data center sharing. This means, not only making cloud computing more efiesien but also saving electricity,” said Koomey