Clever Computer Can Tell Pain

Clever Computer
Clever Computer

Has it occurred that the computer could tell the pain? If it could talk, perhaps this device will inform us. Did you know, it turns out this can indeed happen. Researchers in the United States (U.S.) conducted a test. The result, computers can not talk when someone is sick because it has been specially trained to do so.

Reported by Reuters on Wednesday (14/09/2011), scientists at Stanford University in California, the U.S. used the learning software for classifying the data generated from the results of brain scans and detects when a person feels sick.

“The question we are trying to answer is, can we use an imaging tool to objectively detect whether someone is in pain or not. The answer, I can,” said Sean Mackey, who led the study. Continue reading “Clever Computer Can Tell Pain”

Laser Could Control Rain

Scientists from a university in Switzerland found a way to control the rain with laser assisted condensation technique. With this technique, the rain can be engineered or otherwise terminated.

Based on the results of a study published in Nature, the beginning of September 2011, researchers from the University of Geneva found ways to make the laser fired water droplets in the air with a certain technique. This technique is claimed to be safer than existing methods used today such as by filling the air with particles of dry ice and silver iodide.

With a technique called condensation of water with the help of a laser, nitric acid particles are formed when the laser was fired into the air. The effect makes the water molecules join. Continue reading “Laser Could Control Rain”

Flying Robots will Replace CCTV

Scout Robot
Scout Robot

CCTV cameras may soon be ancient device with robotic presence on this one. The scientists developed a robotic fly complete with sophisticated intelligence system that can spy on and track criminals.

Users only indicate a location on Google Maps that appear on the touch screen controller on the robot. Furthermore, the robot will fly at a speed of 30 miles per hour to record HD quality video around that location. Videos can also be displayed to the iPhone in real time.

Quoted by the Daily Mail, Monday (05/16/2011), a robot named Scout was able to fly at an altitude of up to 500 feet or approximately 152 meters. Scouts can take pictures in a zoom in from a distance of 300 meters. That is, Scout can perform its mission without having to go near to the object being the eyes on him. Continue reading “Flying Robots will Replace CCTV”

Jellyfish echoes, Robot Can ‘Swimming’ in the Air

Swimming Robots
Swimming Robots

A robotic jellyfish designed to be able to fly and ‘swim’ in the air like a real jellyfish swim in the water. As quoted from TalkingScience, Wednesday (03/16/2011), the robot was developed by a company called Festo. It has a main body like a balloon and eight tentacles underneath.

AirJelly main body, the robot name, filled with helium so that it can float. Then the tentacles using electric motors to melesatkan AirJelly body into the air with the principle of peristaltic propulsion. In a video on YouTube, can be seen demonstrations AirJelly movement. His movements were graceful look like real sea creatures. Not only to the above, he also could move freely in three dimensional space. Continue reading “Jellyfish echoes, Robot Can ‘Swimming’ in the Air”