Is this evidence iPad 3 Wearing Retina Display?

iPad 3 Rumors
iPad 3 Rumors

iPad 3 launch time said to have been close. According to reports with evidence, iPad 3 will almost certainly use Retina-tech screen and 8 megapixel camera. MacRumors media claim they successfully get the authentic 3 iPad screen of Apple’s production chain. The screen size is the same as the iPad 2 is 9.7 inch.

After the components were investigated over the screen, stating MacRumors iPad 3 will use the technology Retina Display resolution is very high. Retina Display now only present in the iPhone and iPod Touch.

“Kala compare screen iPad 3 and iPad 2 under the microscope, the resolution difference becomes apparent, with iPad 3 pixels in size than a quarter seems iPad 2,” wrote MacRumors. Continue reading “Is this evidence iPad 3 Wearing Retina Display?”

Samsung Galaxy Y, Android Newest Version

Samsung Galaxy Y
Samsung Galaxy Y

Not just playing in the high end Android market only, the Samsung seems to remain committed in the Android market entry level. Not long ago, they issued a lower-priced Android phone, Samsung Galaxy Y. Y itself is a shortening of the Young or young. Obviously the main market of this handset is among young or novice Android users who want to feel like what OS ‘green robot’ this.

Although relatively affordable valuable, Samsung Galaxy Y is equipped with 800Mhz processor and Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread. Let’s look more like what the capabilities of this phone. Size Small. Galaxy Y his form was tiny. Measuring 104 x 58 x 11.5 mm weighing not reach 100 grams, it does not look big and smartphones including lightweight and practical use.

Visible only 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen multitasking button, home and back (descending from left to right). The buttons are ‘touch sensitive’ so no need to press hard to operate. Galaxy Y-making materials from plastic with silver accents on the edges. The back of the plastic with some kind of texture for easy grip. Unfortunately, this phone is not equipped with dedicated camera button.

In general, the design of the Galaxy Y does look mediocre, though still able to avoid the impression of cheap. Quite reasonable considering the price is very affordable for the size of a smartphone. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Y, Android Newest Version”

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Transparent Android phone as Aston Martin Style

Android Transparent
Android Transparent

Known as Aston Martin luxury sports car manufacturer. What happens if the vendor of this British made ??Android phone? Look at his form in a transparent mobile phone concept called CPT002.

In making this phone concept, Aston Martin work together with Mobiado, a manufacturer of luxury mobile phone. Predictably, CPT002 phone is indeed elegant looks, because it is made by two manufacturers of tasteful luxury.

Reported by UnwiredView and quoted on Monday (3/28/2011), not many details revealed about the smartphone. To be sure, capacitive screens on this phone is fully transparent and will display various startup menu.

Sapphire crystal screen material is solid. Fun, this phone is said to be the key for Aston Martin car. In addition, it can also connect with the monitor in a car Aston Martin.

CPT002 Smartphone is rumored to be slid in May. The price has not been mentioned, but it seems quite expensive for the average person.