iPad 2 & iPad Mini 5 Coming Mid-2013

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Mini iPad second generation expected to be released in the second half of 2013. This launch coincided with the introduction of the iPad reportedly 5.

Rumors are rife in China, sourced from one of the manufacturers component suppliers for Apple gadgets. Reported by one of the local media, Apple is now asking suppliers for ‘speeding’ set of components iPad 2 and iPad Mini 5, to be released in the third quarter of 2013.

Thus, as reported by Macotakara, Tuesday (19/03/2013), citing an unnamed source, the selected month in the period between July, August and September.

Another source reported by Cnet mentions, iPad Mini with Retina Display will have a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This resolution is the same as the iPad measures 9.7 inch Retina Display. Continue reading “iPad 2 & iPad Mini 5 Coming Mid-2013”

Given a 3D Visual Technology at Intel Sandy Bridge

3D Intel
3D Intel

The second generation of Intel Core processors or who is often dubbed as Sandy Bridge brings a number of excellent features. Among the sectors of the visual display that is claimed to be better, including the content display three dimensions.

Second-generation Intel Core integrate visual technologies that are planted directly into the processor. Among other features such as Quick Sync Video, HD Graphics, until InTru 3D.

“This makes video editing QuickSync run faster,” said David Tjahjadi, Channel Platform Manager Intel Indonesia in limited media gathering on Friday (07/01/2011) afternoon.

While Intel HD Graphics are now planted directly in the processor. This integration means low latency and provide the gaming experience as well as 3-D viewing experience better.

Then Intel Wireless Display feature lets users enjoy all the personal and online content on a larger screen, for example television. This is done through a simple wireless connection. Continue reading “Given a 3D Visual Technology at Intel Sandy Bridge”

This Newest forces Fujitsu Notebook


Fujitsu has a line of notebook that was recently launched in Indonesia. Starting from that intended for gamers, to the workers who want to look fashionable. There are about 9 types of laptop computer belonging to the family and a computer LifeBook All in Obe titled Esprimo EH300. All products were launched simultaneously in Grand Indonesia, on Tuesday (04/12/2011).

For Lifebook consists of several types namely Sei S (Lifebook SH761 & SH761), Series P (Lifebook P771 & PH701), Series A (Lifebook AH531), Series L (Lifebook LH701 & LH531), and Series NH (Lifebook NH751). Everything is already using the second generation of Intel Core processors that will become standard in the next Fujitsu products. All products are launched simultaneously in Grand Indonesia, Wednesday (12/4/2011) has a market segmentation is different, for example Lifebook NH751 carrying the sophisticated specifications. Continue reading “This Newest forces Fujitsu Notebook”

Intel Launch Sandy Bridge Intel Celeron Soon

Intel Sandy Celeron
Intel Sandy Celeron

Having launched the Sandy Bridge generation at the beginning of the year, Intel also plans to release a cheaper version of the architecture. Sandy Bridge new Celeron chip was going to be released in quarter 3 (Q3) 2011.

As quoted from Softpedia, Saturday (04/09/2011), three for the desktop Celeron chips based on Intel’s Sandy Bride being prepared.

But perhaps the Celeron does not support the features of Turbo Boost, Hyper Threading, and AVX have been the mainstay of Intel technology. This is done to reduce the price of chips to market more cheaply.

These products will not be used to replace the architecture Wolfdale (E3400 and E3500),which was launched in January 2010.

January 2011, Intel launched the Core i5 and second-generation Core i7. While his model i3 comes in February 2011. Just wait for Sandy Bridge comes cheap in Indonesia.