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Google acquired Dealmap


Google had indeed failed Grupon acquired last year, but that does not mean they give up. Internet giant has now reportedly been buying similar services, Dealmap.

Not much different Grupon, and other deal sites. Dealmap also offers the kind of lucrative discounts to users every day. Uniquely, this site mapu offer discounts based on the location of visitors.

“We have the same strategy with Google, and Google’s big names could be very helpful to us,” said Jennifer Dulski, Founder Dealmap as quoted by the NYTimes, on Wednesday (03/08/2011).

Dealmap headquartered in Menlo Park, California, United States. This company has been working with at least 450 vendors to present a religious type of discounts based on location. Until now the company is still a year old already has 15 employees with a user reaches 2 million.

“We are very impressed with what has been achieved by Dealmap team, and we are very proud to receive them in Goolge,” wrote Google’s statement.

It’s All About Yoostar.

YoostarWe have a lot of sites that provide video playback services online, such as youtube, and similar sites. With popular sites like youtube, then many other sites that provide similar services. This causes a very tight competition in the service provider of online video playback. and only a few sites that stand alone in this competition.

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