HTC No Longer Want to Make Windows Phone?

In addition to Android, HTC does have a line of smartphones based on Windows Phone models. But it is reported that Taiwanese manufacturers will no longer support the operating system from Microsoft.

Before you go make a phone Nokia Windows Phone, the HTC is the biggest vendor that has a variety of types of phones based on the operating system. HTC now has only about 5% of the total population of Windows Phone, Nokia is far behind at 80%. While the second position is filled by Samsung.

According to Digitimes, and quoted on Wednesday (08/14/2013), it is a sign that HTC began to move away from Windows Phone. In fact, some observers predict that Windows Phone still has a bright future, better than the BlackBerry. Continue reading “HTC No Longer Want to Make Windows Phone?”

Android yet overtaken

Android position as the world’s most popular smartphone operating system has not been deterred. In survey research firm Kantar Worldpanel Comtech, Android is still well ahead of its rivals.

In the U.S., Android gets tight resistance of used Apple iPhone iOS. Android market share reached 52% in the second quarter of 2013, while 41.9% iPhone.

In Uncle Sam’s, the other OS as if just being cheerleaders. See, Windows Phone won only 4.6% market share, and BlackBerry 0.7% only. In continental Europe, Android lead, which stood at 70.4% compared to Apple which is only 17.8%. In the UK, Android listed power with 56.6% market share of 29.9% and iOS. Continue reading “Android yet overtaken”

‘Sexy’ Not Making Fujitsu Smartphone Market Glance

Fujitsu is not only known as a provider of infrastructure vendors, but also through a number of consumer products such as laptops and smartphones. Even so, they claimed to be reluctant to plunge further in the smart phone industry.

Currently Fujitsu is already proving its existence in the smartphone industry through the ranks of the Arrow series, Android based smart phones are only sold in Japan and Germany. The two countries at the center of global governance Fujitsu.

Some phones Fujitsu also has unique characteristics, one of which claimed about most friendly interface. Even the parents did not feel any difficulty while memakainnya.

Fujitsu recently also reportedly developing a top-tier smartphone with high specification. That said, the numbers surpassed benchmarknya Galaxy S4. Continue reading “‘Sexy’ Not Making Fujitsu Smartphone Market Glance”

Facebook Home Now Available on Play Store

As promised during the launch last week, a Facebook application Home finally been available in stores Play Store. Android users are now able to try out this app.

Quoted from Softpedia, Sunday (04/14/2013), users of smartphones with Android version 4.0 can download the Facebook app Home.

So it is certain that some smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S III and S IV, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Note and other smartphones HTC is following the First that comes first.

Facebook Home, as CEO Mark Zuckeberg introduced as a homescreen app in Android that can mengintergrasi deeper.

With Facebook Home, users will get a look at the opening lockscreen that will change the homescreen.

Also, there is a feature Cover feed that contains all the information that goes or posted on Facebook.