PlayStation 4 (Probably) Marketed October 21

After officially announced at E3, there has been no further information exactly when the PlayStation 4 go on sale. Latest info only reveal launch plans are reported at the end of 2013.

But now the exact launch time began slightly ajar. Leaked by a NeoGAF forum member with nickname Nealand Liquor, he revealed a release schedule that will performed by Sony on 21 October.

Unfortunately, it is uncertain whether the PS4 is really going to be launched on that date. Because according to the Liquor, he just found the sentence reads ‘Sony Console’ on the documents he saw.

But considering so far no rumors Sony is developing another game console, various allegations were immediately leads to the PS4.

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Bagaimana Cara Mengembalikan Akun yang Terinfeksi Malware ‘Autolike’

Program jahat yang baru-baru ini beredar di Facebook makin meresahkan para pengguna di Tanah Air. Berikut cara untuk menghindari atau memulihkan akun yang sudah terinfeksi malware ‘Autolike’ tersebut.

Program jahat yang menawarkan like pada setiap status pengguna makin gencar beredar. Menurut catatan vaksincom, sedikitnya 2-3 ribuan akun yang sudah terinfeksi oleh program jahat tersebut.

Untuk menghindari serangan malware ini sejatinya cukup mudah. Penguna hanya perlu menghindari ajakan yang menawarkan fitur ‘autolike’ atau program lain yang sebenarnya tidak disediakan oleh Facebook. Tapi untuk yang sudah terlanjur terjebak, berikut solusinya yang dikutip detikINET dari Vaksincom, Senin (7/1/2012).

Login ke akun Facebook Anda, masuk ke menu [Privacy Settings] dengan mengklik [*] [Privacy Settings] untuk membuka menu ‘Privacy Settings and Tools’. Seperti gambar di bawah ini.

Klik [Apps] pada menu sebelah kiri untuk membuka menu ‘App Settings’

Seperti diketahui sebelumnya bahwa malware jahat ini menggunakan aplikasi gadungan bernama Xperia Smartphone from Sony, untuk memulihkan akun yang terinfeksi maka aplikasi tersebut harus dihilangkan terlebih dahulu.

Pada menu App Settings, pada aplikasi dengan nama ‘Xperia Smartphone From Sony’ klik tanda silang dan jika mendapatkan layar konfirmasi, ingat untuk centang / tick pada kotak kecil dengan pilihan ‘Delete all your Xperia Smartphone from Sony activity on Facebook’ dan klik tombol [Remove].

Nah, setelah semua itu dilakukan, maka seluruh postingan yang dilakukan oleh aplikasi gadungan tersebut akan segera dihapus. Para pengguna pun sudah terbebas dari malware yang mengganggu itu.

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Android Watches, Can Email and Facebook

Sony Smartwatch
Sony Smartwatch

Not only inform a matter of time, following watches are also capable of connecting users with email and website. This was possible thanks to the Android operating system.

Sony is pembesut following watches are enchanting. Devices that use software from the giant Google is dubbed SmartWatch.

Not only can connect with email, users can also connect with the music, websites and other online content. And do not worry about looks ‘weird’ with these devices, because with a sleek design, it actually makes the user look cool.

On the mat technology grand CES, Sony said that Android watches it will already be available on the market in late March with a price range of USD 149. He will compete with similar watches from the Italian startup named ‘Watch’ m ‘is priced at a more expensive, which is USD 350. Continue reading “Android Watches, Can Email and Facebook”

Sony’s TV Business Unit Aircraft

Sony plans to break his TV business into three. This is part of Sony’s effort to restore the business unit reported a loss of post and that every part of the TV business unit is more focused. Solving it will be a division of LCD TVs, outsourcing and the latest generation TVs. The solution is valid from today, November 1, 2011. Reuters reported on and quoted on Tuesday (01/11/2011). “By dividing it into three divisions, we will be more clear and responsible in every part of the mission,” said Sony spokeswoman Ayano Iguchi. Sony recently announced its financial statements for the period July to September. The analysts estimate Sony will experience a decline in operating profit of U.S. $ 2.63 billion in the year to March 2012.