Panasonic Lumix GF5 and Figures 4 ‘Death’

Panasonic GF5
Panasonic GF5

Maybe you used to see pictures of food or scenery in Instagram. But this time Instagram so media to divulge the latest GF5 Panasonic Lumix cameras. After some investigation, we are quite confident that the picture above is the Panasonic Lumix GF5, which when viewed from the handle grip is very similar to the GF3. To add credibility to this picture, the other is not pengunggahnya Hong Kong Angelababy celebrities who happen to be the brand ambassador for Panasonic.

You may be wondering, should not advance after GF3 GF4? Well, as confidence in China, Japan also prefer to avoid the number 4 because the meaning of these figures is the ‘death’ in Japanese. Such as the absence of prior Lumix LX4 LX5. As for specifics, China Nphoto sites reported earlier this month that GF5 will also have a 12-megapixel sensor but with a high signal-to-noise better and ISO 12800. While in the back there is a sharper LCD with 920k dot (instead of only 460k on GF3).

Tips to Avoid Buying Fake IPhone 4S

Iphone 4sThe launch of the iPhone 4S trigger counterfeit sales at online shops. Not much different physical inversely with the price is priced much cheaper. Of course the price is skewed there are many things sacrificed including specifications, quality and durability of the goods. So to avoid being stuck purchasing counterfeit goods, the following tips that can be done as quoted from Cnet, on Friday (07/10/2011).

1. Get to know the price. If the price is priced too low, the articles are questionable. So, when resellers offering high discounts.

2. Pay attention to the specifics. Physical Meski counterfeit resemble the original, but often it has different specifications. Whether he adds new features or even reduce the features that should exist in the original goods.

3. Returns policy. Resellers who have trusted returns policy for consumer satisfaction. Beware if the number of resellers do not offer it.

4. Warranty. All companies offer a warranty that covers smartphone products, accessories and software. Counterfeit resellers do not offer something similar.

5. Facebook and Twitter accounts. Many resellers who use the media to promote social accounts. There is no harm in checking their accounts and comments provided consumers in those accounts. Find out about how long they have that account to measure reputation.

GooApple 3G, Combined ‘iPhone4’ and Android?


iPhone 4 is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. But unfortunately, the price is expensive to make, not everyone can have a phone. Then, is there any similar phones with the iPhone based smartphones (eg Android) at affordable prices?

In the market, a lot of ‘smartphones’ similar to the iPhone 4 made ??in China. However, the survey, 8 out of 10 smartphones copycat iPhone has a very poor quality of the software and does not have adequate specifications to be compared with the iPhone.

However, 3G GooApple probably different from the others. Quoted from PandaApp, June 20, 2011, a smartphone that this one has a view that is identical to iPhone4, but have the Android operating system. Interestingly, it also modified the operating system looks similar to IOS. Continue reading “GooApple 3G, Combined ‘iPhone4’ and Android?”