Eight charm captivated Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Inspiration and creative ideas that can show up anywhere, making us need a reliable smartphone for multitasking. Not only that, the ability to inscribe text or sketches in large layarberukuran will greatly assist in the creation of a brilliant new concept.

Eight miraculous powers Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will answer our needs that have high mobility but do not want to inspire creative and productivity stalled in the slightest.

Wonderful Size

Size that feels right at tanganmenjadikan smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 perfect partner to complement our daily activities. With dimensions of 210.8 mm x135.9 mm, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 can replace your notebook or diary. Carried everywhere remains light and practical.

Wonderful Screen 8 inch wide screen allows us to receive a lot of calls (Voice Call) at once and open multi-windows. Want to take notes while checking email or looking for inspiration by browsing on the internet, can be performed simultaneously. No need to shut down and turn to open the desired application.

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Advan Deskbook, Desktop PC with TV Tuner

Advan local vendors, try to offer new products that anti-mainstream of what is on the market, namely desktop computers with additional TV Turner.

Is Deskbook, an All in One PC which is the latest product from Advan. This desktop has a variety of advantages, some of which are Energy Saving, Upgradable, Silent, Space Saving & Heavy Duty, Adjustable Display Stands and TV Tune

Energy Saving Advan Deskbook owned technology called “Nano Power Supply” is the development of hardware technology with a smaller scale to supply electricity to all parts of the electrical current and the set is only 65% or just use the electricity consumption of 65 watts.

With breakthrough Space Saving & Heavy Duty Advan Deskbook on course design and sleek stylish.

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Asus Eee PC Lamborghini VX6 Review

Asus Eee PC
Asus Eee PC

Netbook segment aimed at users who just need a portable computer to perform basic computing activities such as surf the internet, email, or perform simple office job.

However, this does not preclude Asus netbook designed to produce a portable computer like gamers. Took Automobili Lamborghini, Asustek Computer Inc., presents the design of the Eee PC netbook VX6 them.

Available in a choice of piano black or perlescent color white, the Eee PC designs inspired by the Murcielago LP640 VX6, one of the cars produced Lamborghini flagship.

Specifications and Features
To be more powerful, in this netbook, Asus uses an Intel Atom processor. However, not Atom netbook version, but a variant for the nettop. The processor is the D525 series, with two cores working at a speed of 1.8 GHz. Continue reading “Asus Eee PC Lamborghini VX6 Review”