Siri Greets New iPad, But Not old iPad

New iPadSiri voice command feature so far is only in the smartphone iPhone 4S. But that exclusivity will be lost because Apple sure Siri will come also to the new iPad tablet computer. In the 2012 WWDC event, Apple announced that Siri will be used in third generation iPad.

When the user will download the IOS operating system 6 in the new iPad, it will automatically be using the Siri. But certainly not the previous generation iPad will be greeted by Siri. Apple has not announced exactly when the IOS-6 may be downloaded, but reportedly sometime in September 2012.

Siri feature alone now has more sophisticated capabilities. For example, he can answer more questions. “Siri has studied many things,” said Scott Frostal, Apple Senior Vice President of the quotation from the Washington Post, Tuesday (12/11/2012).

Intel Reveals Windows 8 Tablet Specifications

Windows 8 TabletThis year, the tablet computer Windows 8 is planned to be present by holding a few large manufacturers. Intel, as one of his supporters would like to divulge what the Microsoft tablet idea.

Intel said tablet Windows 8 will use a dual core Atom chip Z2760 Clover Trail. The chips have a feature called ‘burst mode’ to add power when needed. Clover Trail processor technology also can act like hypertreading up to quad-core chip in a certain time.

Intel reveals tablet Windows 8 will also have a battery life up to 9 hours. It also has 4G connectivity, NFC technology (Near Field Communication) and weighs only about 680 grams.

Not yet clear exactly when Windows 8 tablets were introduced, reportedly by the end of 2012. Tablet Windows 8 will likely be a significant rival to the iPad and a row of Android-based tablet.

Moreover, major manufacturers such as Dell, Hewlett Packard Lenovo expressed readiness to make a tablet with the OS than Microsoft’s. Similarly, as reported by TechRadar and quoted on Sunday (7/15/2012).

Samsung Galaxy ambitious Sell 10 Million Note

Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note become one of Samsung’s flagship Android handset. South Korean vendors are too ambitious to be able to sell 10 million units of the handset jumbo.

Note the Samsung stated quite successful and the Galaxy are now sold 2 million units since its launch in October 2011 last. At the end of 2012, targeted 10 million Note can be sold.

Launched Afterdawn, Sunday (03/04/2012), Galaxy Note that 5.3 inch screen size is often referred to creating a new gadget category called phablet. Phablet refers to the combination of a smartphone with a tablet computer.

Note assess popular Samsung Galaxy. “As soon as they wear them, they would think it (Note-red) is that they need,” said Yoon Hankil, Product Strategy Executive Samsung.

Not to be outdone by Samsung, LG countrymen as the vendor has also released a Note Galaxy competitor products. Optimus handset named LG Vu which has 5-inch landscape display is expected to rival the Note.

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Owner Name of ‘iPad’ Release IPAD

Ipad China
Ipad China

Proview Shenzen, China-based company in dispute with Apple about copyright trademark iPad releasing their own products which of course is named iPad.

Apart from a slightly different way of writing, different products were presented. If the Apple iPad comes in the form of a tablet computer, computer IPAD Proview is a tube-style quirky and colorful.

At first glance, looks like the IPAD’s first version of the iMac computer. Time of launch, iMac attract attention and give its own color on the personal computer market at that time was dominated by a rigid design.

Proview’s chairman, Yang Rongshan at the launch of IPAD said his company spent USD 30 million to develop and produce the iPad. Continue reading “Owner Name of ‘iPad’ Release IPAD”