Tablet Should be Cheap Windows 8 to Pursue iPad

Windows 8 Tablet
Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 tablet computers this year is predicted to be present. How to deal with iPad’s chances of a market leader and also a row of Android-based tablet?

Analysts said Windows 8 tablets to be sold at affordable prices and provided a lot of applications to be able to fight. Functionality should also be complete.

Amazon Kindle tablet Success Fire for example, triggered by the cheap price, $ 199. Now, Amazon Kindle iPad Fire defeated only in terms of total sales. On the other hand, the position of the other Android tablet that could be considered to weaken the opportunity for Microsoft.

“The rise in non iPad tablet shipments in the fourth quarter of 2011 reached a high cost, with discount pricing on many Android tablet and the provision of free product as part of a promotion,” said Rhoda Alexander, analyst of IHS. Continue reading “Tablet Should be Cheap Windows 8 to Pursue iPad”

This is Computers tablet from Amazon

Amazon Computer Tablet
Amazon Computer Tablet

Puzzle computer tablet Amazon unfolding. This tablet computer was ready and just waiting to be launched into the market.

Technology blog site TechCrunch claims to have tested the Amazon tablet computer that would also be named the Amazon Kindle – the exact name of the digital book reader devices.

According to MG Siegler of TechCrunch, the look and size of tablet computers is very similar to BlackBerry Playbook. 7-inch tablet that uses a capacitive touch screen that supports multi-touch input.

The tablet is to adopt the Android operating system, but it was similar to other Android. The main screen display such as carousel Cover Flow on the software on Apple computers, which will display the content of the tablet such as “collection of books, applications, videos, and so on. Continue reading “This is Computers tablet from Amazon”

More Intimate with Tablet Sony S1 & S2

Tablet Sony S1
Tablet Sony S1

Sony preparing to market the two-tablet computer called S1 and S2. One of the primary market being targeted Japanese electronics giant is Uncle Sam’s country, the United States.

Telecom operator AT & T will become the exclusive sales partner S2 tablets. The tablet has a unique shape with two touch screen measuring 5.5 inches each. The tablet will support 4G networks owned by AT & T.

As quoted from Electronista, Friday (15/07/2011), if not subsidized by the operator, the Sony S2 reportedly will be priced in the range of USD 699. In dollars, worth about USD 6 million.

S1 brother is a tablet with 9.4-inch screen sizes. These tablets have a form factor such as tablet computers are common on the market. Both S1 and S2 have been running the Android operating system Honeycomb, OS specifically made ??for the tablet.