With 3D, Kamasutra So ‘Life’ in Smartphones

Free intercourse kamasutra style now penetrated the smartphone and tablet PC. A company called Hazel Cushion publish a book on kamasutra the picture image can be three-dimensional (3D) and looks alive when viewed through a mobile device.

“For more than 2000 years the couple saw kamasutra for guidance and advice on how exciting love life,” said Hazel Cushion, which quoted from NYDailyNews, Thursday (02/05/2013).

Hazel Cushion also published a book filled with pictures kamasutra. Purchase of the book provided special application that can be downloaded free. Continue reading “With 3D, Kamasutra So ‘Life’ in Smartphones”

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Windows 8 Awaken the Glory of PC Era?

Windows 8
Windows 8

Major changes that will be carried by Microsoft in Windows 8, believed to reinstate the glory of personal computer (PC) is now stagnant. Recent data from the latest IDC said the growth in worldwide PC shipments for 2011 moving slowly, with the achievement of 1.8 percent. And it predicted would happen back in the first quarter of 2012.

Windows 8 will indeed be optimized for the tablet and the PC, but Microsoft still needs to encourage the sale of the operating system in the traditional PC (desktop), if you still want to maintain profit margins.

According to IDC, Windows 8 when combined with new form factors such as ultrabook, can be a powerful weapon to achieve all these targets. Continue reading “Windows 8 Awaken the Glory of PC Era?”

Newest peek Huawei Technologies in China

Huawei China Office
Huawei China Office

The headquarters of Huawei in China, have a special area filled with a variety of prototypes of their technology. Starting from the technology of cellular relay towers, a powerful tool for hospitals, to smart phones and tablet PC based on Android.

Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen, China, consists of many tall buildings in a vast area. Each building devoted to the different divisions and interests.

Special to the room located on building the latest technology Research and Development. When in this area, each group will be accompanied by staff of Huawei to clarify what is the technology they develop.

Beginning with the claimed technology getting smarter BTS. Huawei explained that they had a breakthrough that makes cellular relay towers is more power efficient and sophisticated.

First, there is a tower that has been put on solar power so it uses less energy and costs. “Consumption of energy is only about 700 watts,” said Huawei staff who lead the band. Continue reading “Newest peek Huawei Technologies in China”

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3 Immerse iPad Camera 8 MP & Chipset A5X?

Ipad 3
Ipad 3

The news about the Apple iPad 3 increasingly heavy rolling. After the launch which was mentioned at the beginning of March, ‘the kitchen’ Apple’s new tablet PC that was not separated from the spotlight. As the camera is supposedly measuring 8-megapixel camera and chipset that carries A5X.

Quoted from Apple.pro, they claim to get a photo look back iPad 3. As seen in the figure, there is a difference in the back of the camera when compared with iPad 2.

Actually, the rear view looks the same. But look at the camera. The location is the same camera position as well, but if the note is visible difference in the camera lens. IPad 3 devices that are considered to have a larger camera.

According Nextmedia, iPad 3 is the possibility of using the 8 megapixel camera. If true this is certainly a significant upgrade from the iPad 2.