Samsung Tizen Delayed Until November

Although reportedly delayed the development of Tizen OS, Samsung is still determined to release a Tizen based smartphone. Several times the estimated launch delayed, says Samsung Tizen the latest information will be released before the end of the year.¬†Samsung has yet to officially confirm the time of the launch of the smartphone OS’s homemade. However, the leaked report which looks at the page about the project Samsung Tizen outstanding, almost close to the truth.

In the report page, there is one comment that the name of telecom operators, namely NTT DoCoMo. Japanese operator is believed to have entered the SGH-N055 which is the code of the phone Tizen, in the plan. In the comment section that addresses a number of bugs, one user called the SGH-N055 DoCoMo version, does not have a bug that is being discussed. That is, this phone has been tested by a third party.

But of course, as quoted from Ubergizmo, Wednesday (08/14/2013), this certainty will only be known at the launch later. Predict the number of gadget enthusiasts, Samsung’s developer conference will be used to introduce these new products.

The current launch is most likely selected Samsung is November or December. So far, there is no detailed information about the Tizen smartphone. Both specifications and appearance of the phone such can not be known.

Samsung developed with Intel’s Tizen. Based on Linux, the Linux Foundation’s Tizen promoted as an alternative to the Android platform. Tizen itself is a development of the MeeGo platform first developed by Nokia together with Intel and LiMo.

Asus wants to be the First Use Android 5.0

Android 5
Android 5

Android 5.0 operating system will reportedly be named Jelly Bean. Asus as one of the major vendors are hoping to use Android, those who will use the first Android Jelly Bean.

Asus prides itself as the first vendor to use Android in tablet Honeycomb Prime Transformer. Therefore, they are also optimistic quota of Jelly Bean Google to run first on their devices than other vendors.

“Asus is very close to Google, so that when they have Android 5.0 I think there is a high likelihood that we will be the first wave of the offering update Jelly Bean,” said Benson Lin, ASUS ‘corporate vice president is quoted from TechRadar on Sunday (4 / 3/2012). Continue reading “Asus wants to be the First Use Android 5.0”

Samsung Galaxy S II Ready to Release Shelf

Samsung Galaxy II
Samsung Galaxy II

Samsung Galaxy S II indicated the processor performance will be improved, to 1.2 GHz dual core. Initially this change otherwise make S II delayed the launch of Galaxy, but Samsung confirmed release schedule has not changed.

A number of sources, including Samsung’s official Facebook page the region Estonia, confirm the upgrade the processor in the Galaxy S II of the original plan which ‘only’ 1 GHz dual core. While the source of leading media, GSMArena, also expressed the truth of the news.

Reportedly, the improvement of this processor that takes Galaxy S II will not be launched before June. But Samsung clarify that Gingerbread Android-based phone is still marketed as scheduled, which started this April.

“Samsung S II Galaxy will blast the first time in April, as planned. This handset will gradually approached each local market according to the scheduled launch,”it is written in SamsungTomorrow Twitter account, quoted from eWEEK, Friday (04/08/2011) .

Download Mp3 You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

Youre Beautiful
Youre Beautiful

Lagu You’re Beautiful James Blunt ini sepertinya sudah lama, cuma penulis baru kemaren download, dan mengabadikannya ke dalam blog abal-abal milik penulis ini hehe. Lagune simple, tapi enak banget buat di dengerin, pas lagi sepi, hehe, Ini dia lirik lagu You’re Beautiful – James Blunt :

You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

My life is brilliant.

My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel
Of that I’m sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man. Continue reading “Download Mp3 You’re Beautiful – James Blunt”