The Best Simple Photo Editor Ever!

There is good news for those of you who like to modify the photo without complicated, without a lot of the steps that must be done if you just want to add effects to photos, and available in a variety of platforms such as Windows, iPhone, Mac, and even for android, and another excess , free. when we first open the application on windows operating system has been shown that the application is very easy to use, all visible from the interface presented, very sleek, and very easy to operate, even for a beginner though.

img1Effects that can be used is also quite a lot, and on every effect we can make modifications, so that it can be used in accordance with the will, without the cumbersome and confusing process. Classic Photo Effects, lomo, vintage, B & W and many more effects that can be used. We are sure, you’ll love this app. If we compare this fotor application with another application, of course we will pick fotor applications, a lot of advantages, and is not shared by other applications. Especially in terms of ease of use, and a variety of other features that do not exist in other image processing applications. is a lot of other image processing applications, but in terms of ease of use, is not as easy as fotor applications.

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Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr Enliven Google Glass

Google increasingly enterprising enrich applications for smart glasses. At the conference of Google I / O, revealed a number of popular applications that will be presented. Especially if not social networking applications.

The first, of course, Facebook. The number one social networking will be available soon on Google Glass. Users can share photos to Facebook directly from the glasses.

Quoted from Tech Radar, Friday (17/05/2013), this application is still in development stage. For photo tagging activity now through Google Glass is not yet possible. If you would like tagging, users can only do so through a mobile device or computer. Continue reading “Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr Enliven Google Glass”

Digital Detox Cure ‘Poisoning’ Technology

Outbreaks of game addiction, Internet and other technologies smelling, inspired the establishment of the Digital Detox in California, United States (U.S.). Sort of rehab, Digital Detox accommodate those who ‘poisoned’ technology.

Digital Detox is a summer camp for their release from acute technological dependence. Those who have severe stage, really can not be separated from the gadgets, games, social networking and other things related to technology.

By paying about $ 305, participants were asked willing to ‘swap’ gadgets, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or console them with friends in the camp that occur based connections in real life. Here, they will have many positive activities that are not in contact with the digital.

According to The Guardian, Monday (01/04/2013), summer camp is not the first program that made ​​Digital Detox. Previously, Digital Detox also held a variety of activities aimed at curing digital addiction.

The U.S. is also not the only country that has this kind of organization. In China, there are many rehabilitation places for game addicts, internet and gadgets. However, some organizations use violent means. This makes the government issued orders ban violent means in rehabilitation.

Dituding Hamili Yuriko, Zian ‘Zigaz’ Siap Tanggung Jawab

Yuriko Harumi Kanaka
Yuriko Harumi Kanaka

Yuriko Harumi Kanaka mengaku telah melahirkan anak hasil hubungannya dengan vokalis band Zigaz, Zian. Dituduh melarikan diri oleh Yuriko di Twitter, Zian pun mengaku akan bertanggungjawab.

Menurut salah seorang saudara Zian, Jazzy, Zian tak pernah punya niat akan melarikan diri. Hanya saja Zian belum bisa bicara karena sedang sakit usai mengisi acara tahun baru di Palembang.

“Ada berita dia melarikan diri atau lepas dari tanggung jawab. Saya mewakili keluarga dan zian, itu dia tidak lari dari tanggungjawab. Kita sebelumnya sudah ada pertemuan 2 kali dengan pihak keluarga Yuriko. Bukannya Zian melarikan diri. Nggak mungkinlah Zian melarikan diri,” ujar Jazzy saat ditemui di daerah Taman Sari, Jakarta Barat, Senin (7/1/2013).

Jazzy menyatakan pihak keluarga sebelumnya tidak percaya pada pengakuan Yuriko. Namun Zian dan keluarga tetap akan bertanggungjawab.

“Yang Zian kaget waktu itu sudah 4 bulan dikabarin. Akhirnya kita ketemu di rumah sakit, kita sempat adu argumentasi sama pihak keluarganya. Tapi kita tetap tanggung jawab. KTP-nya Zian pun sudah diminta sama keluarga mereka,” sambung Jazzy.

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