Android yet overtaken

Android position as the world’s most popular smartphone operating system has not been deterred. In survey research firm Kantar Worldpanel Comtech, Android is still well ahead of its rivals.

In the U.S., Android gets tight resistance of used Apple iPhone iOS. Android market share reached 52% in the second quarter of 2013, while 41.9% iPhone.

In Uncle Sam’s, the other OS as if just being cheerleaders. See, Windows Phone won only 4.6% market share, and BlackBerry 0.7% only. In continental Europe, Android lead, which stood at 70.4% compared to Apple which is only 17.8%. In the UK, Android listed power with 56.6% market share of 29.9% and iOS. Continue reading “Android yet overtaken”

Yahoo Axis, when Browser & Search Engine Registration

Yahoo introduced a new product called Yahoo Axis. This service is a combination of search engines with a browser.

Certainty is obtained after a number of media crews in Uncle Sam’s inaugural event received an invitation Yahoo Axis. From the email was revealed, Yahoo claims this service as a new virtual world explorer tool.

Excerpted from The Next Web, Thursday (24/05/2012), there are at least three excellent features offered by Yahoo Axis. That is fast, smart design with a rich, connected experience and personal Home Page. Continue reading “Yahoo Axis, when Browser & Search Engine Registration”

More Intimate with Tablet Sony S1 & S2

Tablet Sony S1
Tablet Sony S1

Sony preparing to market the two-tablet computer called S1 and S2. One of the primary market being targeted Japanese electronics giant is Uncle Sam’s country, the United States.

Telecom operator AT & T will become the exclusive sales partner S2 tablets. The tablet has a unique shape with two touch screen measuring 5.5 inches each. The tablet will support 4G networks owned by AT & T.

As quoted from Electronista, Friday (15/07/2011), if not subsidized by the operator, the Sony S2 reportedly will be priced in the range of USD 699. In dollars, worth about USD 6 million.

S1 brother is a tablet with 9.4-inch screen sizes. These tablets have a form factor such as tablet computers are common on the market. Both S1 and S2 have been running the Android operating system Honeycomb, OS specifically made ??for the tablet.

Iphone4 CDMA Less from sells?

iphone 4
iphone 4

Usually, long lines occurred when Apple launched a new product. But this is not visible when the iPhone 4 versions marketed in the U.S. CDMA operator Verizon recently. In the photo that circulated in the media, seen Verizon and Apple stores across the country, Uncle Sam just happened a little line.

Suspicion arises that the four CDMA iPhone is not so in demand, especially when compared to the iPhone GSM version of the first four could trigger a snaking queue. Hearing this dreadful news, the CEO of Verizon Wireless directly denied.

And Mead, the CEO, claimed sales of the iPhone 4 CDMA pretty good. He was not willing to disclose sales figures, but promised to reveal when the financial statements of Verizon announced later.

According to Mead, the queue was not so long because most of the purchases made online, with a portion of 60%. “If we do not sell online, you’ll see the pictures (line) is very different,” said Mead.

In fact, Mead stated iPhone sales 4th highest in the history of Verizon, compared with other phones that they are marketed. Only shortly after the sale, the iPhone has accused four CDMA antenna problem by Consumer Reports institutions. Not yet known whether these issues have an impact on sales.