China Still ‘King’ Spam

The most active countries sending spam is still held by China. Although the percentages were little changed, down 1.2% China, the United States fell 0.9% and South Korea fell by 3%.

Of Kaspersky Lab notes, the majority of email spam remains small with under 1 Kb file. In the second quarter, email spam small rose 4.8% and in total accounted for 73.8% of all spam emails.

Number of malicious attachments in the second quarter, down 1% from the first quarter to 2.3% of all spam emails.

Among the threats that spread through email, the most dominant is the email that is designed to steal user accounts to access the data (eg username and password), especially username and password for online banking services.

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Apple Patented Smart Security Features

Apple has just patented a new security feature. With this patent, the iPhone can intelligently detect the best way to contact someone.

Confusing? So in essence, the iPhone will use GPS and accelerometer to know was where you are, and what you are doing. Furthermore, this feature will react when someone contacted you.

For example, when you are driving a car and someone calls. GPS and accelerometer will detect you at high speed. Well, this feature then sends a message to the person who contacted, informing him that he should be contacted via SMS rather than calling.

Reported by Tech Radar, Wednesday (01/05/2013), the user can also set its own rules, such as ‘do not take calls while in the cinema’. This is to make sure no one bothers you when the kids were watching.

This patent Apple first registered in 2008. If the company’s Cupertino, California, United States has been expanding since then, it could be the security functions will be presented on the iPhone.

Digital Detox Cure ‘Poisoning’ Technology

Outbreaks of game addiction, Internet and other technologies smelling, inspired the establishment of the Digital Detox in California, United States (U.S.). Sort of rehab, Digital Detox accommodate those who ‘poisoned’ technology.

Digital Detox is a summer camp for their release from acute technological dependence. Those who have severe stage, really can not be separated from the gadgets, games, social networking and other things related to technology.

By paying about $ 305, participants were asked willing to ‘swap’ gadgets, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or console them with friends in the camp that occur based connections in real life. Here, they will have many positive activities that are not in contact with the digital.

According to The Guardian, Monday (01/04/2013), summer camp is not the first program that made ​​Digital Detox. Previously, Digital Detox also held a variety of activities aimed at curing digital addiction.

The U.S. is also not the only country that has this kind of organization. In China, there are many rehabilitation places for game addicts, internet and gadgets. However, some organizations use violent means. This makes the government issued orders ban violent means in rehabilitation.

Electronic Arts CEO resigns from office

Electronic Arts (EA) arguably one of the publishers and game makers are quite successful today. But while it’s exciting, CEO of the company from the United States that just resigned.

John Riccitiello is just a letter of resignation to the board of directors as the CEO of EA.

As quoted from Business Insider, Tuesday (03/19/2013), Riccitiello EA is not new. He had joined the giant producers since October 1997 as President & COO.

In 2004, Riccitiello decided to turn away from EA, then in 2007 he returned to the office of a relatively classy as CEO.

Now, not only the letter of resignation Riccitiello until kejajaran directors, he is also rumored to have sent a farewell email to his officers at EA.

“We will be looking for candidates, either from the internal or external to fill the position as CEO,” Larry Probst, Chairman EA.