HTC Desire 500 Quad Core Android $400 USD

HTC announced a new Android smartphone, Desire 500. This phone is designed for middle-class market, he relied on a quad core processor. HTC Desire has a kitchen runway 500 quad core 1.2 GHz processor Snapdragon 200 and 1GB of RAM. Then 4GB of internal memory with a microSD slot to add capacity.

The 8 megapixel camera and 1.6 megapixel front camera is a mainstay for taking photos and videos. Quoted from Unwired View, Wednesday (07/24/2013), the battery capacity of 1,800 mAh.

This handset using the Android operating system combined with Jelly Bean user interface HTC Sense 5. There is a feature to add kegaharan Beats Audio sound music.

This handset was first released in Taiwan for USD 400 or in the range of USD 4 million. And probably would soon be visited other areas.

Voice Chat PTT Coming Soon on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is likely to have an effective way to really kick via SMS communications. Popular messaging service is reportedly adding voice chat function push-to-talk (PTT).

If it is true, as quoted from TechRadar, Thursday (05/02/2013), WhatsApp will also compete more aggressively in BlackBerry Messenger BBM Voice being closest rival.

The news stems from 9to5Mac who posted the leaked email sent to developers WhatsApp Hong Kong. In the email, the developer asked to translate the Chinese characters. Sentences that ask translated, among others, including the ‘Push-to-talk button’. Continue reading “Voice Chat PTT Coming Soon on WhatsApp”

BlackBerry bosses: Innovation iPhone Already ancient

BlackBerry questioned innovations brought by Apple in its smartphone product, the iPhone.

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins found Apple innovating since the iPhone debuted in 2007.

Although Heins acknowledged Apple as a pioneer of the development of interface technology with the iPhone, he said, without innovation, the iPhone becomes stale.

“Apple did a fantastic job in bringing a touch device with a different interface to the market,” Heins said in an exclusive interview with the Australian media, The Australian Financial Review.

“They are a design icon. Was the reason why they are so successful, and we have to recognize and respect that,” he said, as reported by the Huffington Post, March 19, 2013. Continue reading “BlackBerry bosses: Innovation iPhone Already ancient”

Developer can not wait to get it for free blackberry 10

Blackberry World 2012 EventBlackBerry World 2012 event attended by thousands of developers from around the world, including Indonesia. The developers of these applications can not wait to taste the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha prototype that will be distributed free of charge.

High interest to the developer’s latest OS platform mengoprek RIM is also felt by the developers and activists such as Ibn Maksum BlackBerry, Deddy Avianto, and Adiputra Faizal, who attended the event which took place in Orlando, Florida, United States, the.

“The new BlackBerry 10 distributed tomorrow. Free, just for developers only,” they said to ITGazine, Wednesday (02/05/2012).

They are curious about this new OS. Ibn especially impressed with the look of the BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10 is. “The look is very cool,” he said.

“UI (user interface) was different. Integration easier. Development tools is also easy. Till tomorrow to sample it,” said Faizal.

BlackBerry smartphone prototype 10 is introduced directly by RIM CEO Thorsten Heins it was the middle so the talk of technology enthusiasts. Continue reading “Developer can not wait to get it for free blackberry 10”