Siri Greets New iPad, But Not old iPad

New iPadSiri voice command feature so far is only in the smartphone iPhone 4S. But that exclusivity will be lost because Apple sure Siri will come also to the new iPad tablet computer. In the 2012 WWDC event, Apple announced that Siri will be used in third generation iPad.

When the user will download the IOS operating system 6 in the new iPad, it will automatically be using the Siri. But certainly not the previous generation iPad will be greeted by Siri. Apple has not announced exactly when the IOS-6 may be downloaded, but reportedly sometime in September 2012.

Siri feature alone now has more sophisticated capabilities. For example, he can answer more questions. “Siri has studied many things,” said Scott Frostal, Apple Senior Vice President of the quotation from the Washington Post, Tuesday (12/11/2012).

Founder of Apple: Some Features Android wins in comparison with iPhone

Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak

Together with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak was the founder of the company, now a technology giant, Apple. But if Jobs is known to hate Android phone, not the case with Steve Wozniak.

Wozniak recently admitted Android handsets already beat the iPhone in some sectors. Wozniak does use the iPhone as a major smartphone, but also uses Android and praises high enough.

“My main phone is the iPhone. I love her beauty. But I hope the iPhone can do all the things that made ​​my Android phone,” said Wozniak.

Wozniak even stated, the voice command feature on the iPhone 4S Siri sometimes defeated by voice commands in Android that may be more modest. “Successes using Siri lower than when I wore the voice commands on Android,” he said.

“Also in terms of navigation, Android is better (than the iPhone-ed),” added the man was smiling.

Wozniak also admitted to honor Andy Rubin, the man who led the division in the Google Android. But despite the praise Android, Wozniak still recommend the iPhone. Especially for those who do not like complexity. Continue reading “Founder of Apple: Some Features Android wins in comparison with iPhone”

5 Prediction Announcement New Apple iPhone Problem

Iphone 5
Iphone 5

Any speculation about the new iPhone will presumably soon be over. October 4, Apple’s iPhone will hold a special event. What will Apple show at the event? The following predictions as quoted from PCWorld, Wednesday (28/09/2011):
1. The new iPhone will look different

iPhone 5 speculated have significantly different design than the previous iPhone row. Compared to the period of the previous iPhone releases that ranged from 1 year, until it’s been 16 months, Apple introduced the iPhone did not last. Maybe it’s because it takes a long time for the development of new designs. Continue reading “5 Prediction Announcement New Apple iPhone Problem”