Awesome! Siri Can be Ordered to Close Garage

Thanks to the presence of Siri, users can command in his voice iDevice. Well, in the hands of a developer, the voice assistant feature may be ordered not only for iOS devices only.

Through YouTube account named Elvis Impresonator, this guy shows how Siri can be instructed to open and close the garage, turned off the lights, adjust the temperature to change the state TV channel.

Excerpted from The Next Web, Thursday (07/01/2013), the engineering is done with the help of the Raspberry Pi, through the SiriProxy. So all of these commands are recorded and delivered through the device to execute the command.

Raspberry Pi is a computer device that is made in such a way, but much smaller in size than the computer in general. In fact, the size of this device is nothing more than an ID card.

“I have been following developments since the appearance SiriProxy beginning in November 2011 and even meninstal the Marvell SheevaPlug ARM-based computers,” wrote the YouTube account.

“I spent countless nights to memujudkan ability to use voice commands to control my home,” he said.

Founder of Apple: Some Features Android wins in comparison with iPhone

Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak

Together with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak was the founder of the company, now a technology giant, Apple. But if Jobs is known to hate Android phone, not the case with Steve Wozniak.

Wozniak recently admitted Android handsets already beat the iPhone in some sectors. Wozniak does use the iPhone as a major smartphone, but also uses Android and praises high enough.

“My main phone is the iPhone. I love her beauty. But I hope the iPhone can do all the things that made ​​my Android phone,” said Wozniak.

Wozniak even stated, the voice command feature on the iPhone 4S Siri sometimes defeated by voice commands in Android that may be more modest. “Successes using Siri lower than when I wore the voice commands on Android,” he said.

“Also in terms of navigation, Android is better (than the iPhone-ed),” added the man was smiling.

Wozniak also admitted to honor Andy Rubin, the man who led the division in the Google Android. But despite the praise Android, Wozniak still recommend the iPhone. Especially for those who do not like complexity. Continue reading “Founder of Apple: Some Features Android wins in comparison with iPhone”